Will there be an Attack on Titan Season 5?

Aparna Ukil
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The Attack on Titan Season 4 finale episode took the internet by storm recently, and now every fan is eager to know if there will be a Season 5. Which we’ll explain in this post.

Attack on Titan is one of the biggest franchises that massively contributed to the success of the anime industry. Basically, it is a series that helped popularize anime in the West. In that sense, AoT is very similar to series like Dragon Ball and Naruto, as these series have more fans in the West than in Japan.

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The Attack on Titan anime ran for four seasons, out of which the final season came as a surprise. When it was announced, the audience expected it to follow the footsteps of the previous seasons, but unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

The fourth season was divided into three parts, and to make it even more complicated, MAPPA decided to split the third part into two further parts. It’s safe to say that the release of AoT was somewhat complex, so it’s no surprise that some fans are still wondering if the anime will return with a fifth season.

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Is Attack on Titan Season 5 happening?

No, Attack on Titan anime will not get a Season 5. As we already know, the renewal of any series depends on its popularity and content availability in the source material. While no one can raise questions on AOT’s popularity, it’s also true that the manga concluded in 2021. Every panel of the last chapter has been covered in the fourth season’s final episode, and now, there’s nothing else for MAPPA to adapt.

On one side, the fandom is happy to see that Isayama didn’t unnecessarily stretch the series, but they are also heartbroken as they never wanted to see their favorite characters gone. Moreover, several years ago, Hajime showed interest in opening a spa rather than extending the content of Attack on Titan.

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Even if the series will not get a fifth season, fans are happy to know about the Attack on Titan – FLY art book. Along with that, we are also getting a new one-shot manga, Bad Boy, which will feature the events from Levi’s childhood.

For now, Isayama hasn’t talked about AOT’s sequel or a spin-off. However, let’s just hope that we get a movie, sequel, or any video game adaptation of the top-rated series sometime in the future.

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