Among Us x Super Smash Bros. concept with moveset gets praise from devs

Luke Edwards

Super Smash Bros. players who double as Among Us fans will love this concept, with fully-designed mechanics for the Among Us Imposter if they were to become a Smash character.

From Minecraft Steve to Wii Fit Trainer, there have been some strange additions to the Smash lineup over the years. This fan-made concept, if it were to become true, would be one of the most bizarre yet.

The idea of adding the Among Us crewmate to Ultimate has been around ever since the InnerSloth title became mainstream. One player even created a Smash Ultimate mod that saw the Imposter replace Pac Man in the game’s lineup, meaning Among Us crewmates could brawl it out on Summit or Kongo Falls.

However, one talented and creative fan, @charred_lizard, has taken a different stand and looked at how to translate the Imposter’s murder actions into Smash abilities.

The basic premise involves taking the Imposter murder animations from Among Us and turning them into Smash mechanics. The down smash, where the Imposter pulls out his gun, is particularly iconic and would instill a familiar sense of doom in any Smash opponent.

Adding the Imposter to Smash seems unlikely – especially in Ultimate – but it doesn’t feel outside the realms of possibility. Collaboration between InnerSloth and Nintendo is a thing, as Among Us is now supported on the Nintendo Switch.

At the time of writing, the designs have amassed over 13k retweets and a glowing response from the Among Us twitter admins. They were particularly amused by Onyx’s design for the dash attack animation.

We’d be really interested to see what a potential Final Smash mechanic would look like. Maybe we could see the big red Emergency Meeting button being pushed, before the Imposter’s opponent disappears from the map?

Even though The Imposter won’t be joining the Smash lineup anytime soon, there will still be a few more additions – potentially including Rayman –  in the coming weeks and months.