How to beat Smash Ultimate’s Sephiroth Challenge and unlock fighter early

Michael Gwilliam
Sephiroth victory screen

Nintendo has announced a special Super Smash Bros Ultimate challenge mode for the game’s newest fighter, Final Fantasy VII’s antagonist Sephiroth.

While the fighter is technically only available on December 22, players can get their hands on the newest character and stage, Northern Cave, if they complete the challenge on any difficulty.

In order for the challenge to be active, however, players must first update their game to its latest version and have either pre-ordered the Sephiroth DLC pack itself or Fighters Pass Volume 2.

Once your game is updated and you have the DLC purchased, the special challenge mode will become available – and we have to say, it’s rather easy to beat and unlock the One-Winged Angel.

By accessing the mode you will be able to choose between three difficulties: Easy, Normal or Very Hard. Regardless of the difficulty you pick, however, if you win, you will unlock Sephiroth before his official release.

During the Sakurai Presents Sephiroth stream, the Smash Ultimate creator explained that initially, players who couldn’t win on the difficulty they had selected wouldn’t be able to use the fighter until December 22.

Luckily, that idea was scrapped, even though it would have made the fight extra difficult for some players who desire a good challenge with the Very Hard setting.

Basically, the mode is a simple HP battle; but depending on your difficulty, the amount of health Sephiroth and you have will change. Not to mention, there is better AI on the harder modes.

Still, if you want to unlock Sephiroth as quick as possible, picking Easy should be a breeze for anyone who has ever played a Smash game before.

Perhaps the best part of the whole package, however, is the addition of two One-Winged Angel tracks with the original and the Advent Children theme.

Sephiroth attacks Falcon
Sephiroth packs a punch in Smash Ultimate.

The Sephiroth Challenge will run from now until December 22 at 5PM PST, so you should have plenty of time to unlock him and play the new fighter early.

Other updates such as the Geno, Tifa, Barret, and Aerith Mii outfits will still be coming out on the 22nd, potentially with a balance update.

This is the first time Nintendo has implemented a special challenge mode like this for Smash Ultimate and with three DLC packs remaining in Fighters Pass Volume 2, hopefully, we end up seeing more of these early access events.