100% accurate Smash Ultimate prophet makes 3 more Fighter Pass Vol 2 DLC predictions

Published: 23/Dec/2020 21:08

by Michael Gwilliam


A Smash Ultimate fan who correctly predicted that Min Min, Steve and Sephiroth would be coming as Fighters Pass Volume 2 DLC still has three more guesses that may tell us who the remaining characters are.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has the biggest cast of fighters in any game yet, with characters ranging from all sorts of different genres. It would seem like almost no video game character is off-limits, which further makes these predictions all the more special.

Players predicting certain DLC fighters isn’t anything new. It seems like everyone under the sun has made guesses at some point. Out of these, many have gotten one or two right, especially when there is some hint as to who the next one may be.

However, the fact that this anonymous user was able to correctly predict three of the DLC so far in a single post is astronomical to the point where the individual may even have some ties to Nintendo.

Sephiroth attacks Cloud
The user correctly predicted all the DLC, including Sephiroth.

The May 11th post was made on a message board in which users were asked to predict the six fighters of the second pass. In addition to the three that the user got right already, they also guessed who the three other final fighters will be.

Firstly, the anonymous prophet listed Ryu Hayabusa from the Ninja Gaiden series. Ryu has long been a popular fan-favorite candidate and one who has been rumored to come to Smash for a long time.

Given Nintendo’s relationship with Koei Tecmo, the Ninja Gaiden protagonist seems like a pretty safe pick, even for Smash standards.

4chan Smash prediction
Doomguy, Rayman and Ryu Hayabusa are predicted.

The next two predictions come from Western developers, which are a rarity to see in Smash Bros, so if they come true it would be very special. The user’s two picks were Rayman and Doomguy.

Rayman is a character who Ubisoft have been vocal about wanting to see added to Smash at some point. A message on the Ubisoft Club App even stated, “Here’s hoping Rayman will be part of the next Fighters Pass,” after Byleth was announced.

Doomguy, of course, needs no introduction and, like many devs, Bethesda has discussed the possibility of the character coming to Smash, though it seems like nothing came of those conversations with Nintendo.

Doomslayer kills Bowser in Smash Ultimate
Fans are still eager for Doomslayer to come to Smash.

Notably absent from the predictions are Master Chief and Crash Bandicoot, two iconic video game mascots that many fans want to see join the roster at some point.

We’ll have to wait and see if the rest of the predictions turn out to be accurate, but so far, the user’s guesses have been simply flawless.


Blizzard changes Overwatch Priority Pass again to stop system abuse

Published: 16/Jan/2021 2:04

by Andrew Amos


Blizzard has implemented more changes to their Overwatch Priority Pass program to stop players from abusing the system to get their preferred role more often.

The Priority Pass system in Overwatch has been a successful addition so far. Giving players the option to jump the queue for high-traffic roles by sacrificing a few games has helped tackle the game’s long queue times.

However, it hasn’t been without its flaws. Game quality has been pulled into question, with people playing off-role for these passes. Also, people have been abusing the current system to just stack passes quickly by intentionally losing.

The Priority Pass system in Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Priority Passes have been a hit with Overwatch players, but it’s not perfect.

Blizzard are looking to crack down on the latter issue with their latest changes to Priority Pass on January 15.

“Our data indicates that the Priority Pass is functioning as intended, generally providing shorter queue times for those who use them. The goal of the Priority Pass is to improve player experience and get players into matches quicker,” community manager Josh Nash told players.

“In the same vein, we don’t want this feature to have a negative impact on the quality of matches for yourself or others. We want to do our part to discourage players from intentionally losing and ruining matches for the sake of earning priority passes.”

If you lose a match while playing for passes, you’ll only gain one pass instead of two. This will stop players from just inting their games for the ticket.

Blizzard are also refunding passes to players if they queued up for a role using Priority Pass, but then had to wait longer than the estimated time for it.

Oni Genji Overwatch skin
These changes mean you won’t burn through your passes as quickly.

These changes are active immediately, so you can make use of them straight away. Blizzard are continuing to tweak the system as time goes on, and are “ looking into how we can better communicate when you are rewarded passes after playing a match.”