What Among Us crewmates would look as Smash Ultimate fighters

Michael Gwilliam
Among Us Smash attack in Smash BrosNintendo/gamebanana

The ever-popular multiplayer game of Among Us may not have a chance at really getting into Smash Ultimate’s Fighters Pass Volume 2, but some mods have found a way to make it a reality.

With this new mod, Pac-Man transforms into Among Us crewmates, and he actually doesn’t look half bad. Part of the reason is that there are actually two different mods working in unison.

Multiple colors are represented with yellow, orange, red, white, pink, black, blue, and green, so there is a lot of variety with the mod.

Two Among Us Smash mods in one

In addition to the mod that acts as an alternate costume for Pac-Man, transforming him into an Among Us character, a separate one turns Pac-Man’s ghosts into more crewmates.

Among Us in Smash UltimateNintendo/gamebanana
The Among Us crewmates come with multiple costumes.

This means that any attack that uses ghosts end up looking like they belong in the game, further adding to the immersion.

Of course, you could use the Among Us cremates on Pac-Man by himself if you would prefer that for some reason.

Sadly, Pac-Man’s other attacks don’t get any major Among Us vibes, so while the crewmates work well appearance-wise, their moveset does look a bit off. It’s weird to see Red or Blue hitting people with fire hydrants, for example.

Impostor moveset concept

However, one user on Reddit may have solved that problem by creating a unique moveset if The Impostor actually made it to Smash.

The unique animation, created by -cooks- features new moves for every possible ability in the game including taunts.

If there ever was going to be an Among Us – Smash Ultimate fighter crossover, this is probably how it would look, combined with the mod.

Unfortunately, it’s probably too late for Among Us to come to Smash as an official fighter. The remaining DLC slots were all decided back before the game really started to take off.

Still, while unlikely, maybe we’ll end up getting an Among Us spirit event, Mii Fighter, or with some luck, a third Fighters Pass.