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All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion

Published: 10/May/2022 15:29 Updated: 10/May/2022 15:44

by James Busby


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is home to some incredibly dangerous wyverns, and we’ve got everything you need to know about every Sunbreak monster ahead of the expansion’s official release. 

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak release window is just around the corner, which means Hunters will soon be able to embark upon a new monolithic adventure. From additional locales to new Wirebug moves, there will be plenty of fresh experiences for players to enjoy.

However, just like previous Monster Hunter expansions, Sunbreak features a roster of new and returning creatures for players to hunt. In order to give you an edge over the game’s beastly foes, we’ve got a list of every monster that has been announced for Sunbreak.


All Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak monsters


Malzeno in Sunbreak
Malzeno is the flagship in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Malzeno is the main flagship of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Not much is known about this mysterious Elder Dragon, but it does look incredibly strong. In fact, during the Sunbreak reveal trailer, Malzeno can be seen taking down a Rathalos.

Red energy appears to also glow from its wings and red mane, which could indicate that Malzeno is a Dragon element monster. This fearsome Elder Dragon also has a pair of gigantic horns, talons, and a spiked tail that it will likely stab enemies with.


Lunagaron on the top of a mountain
Lunagaron will likely use its agility and ice-based moves to outmaneuver its prey.

Lunagaron is a new Fanged Wyvern that shares a striking resemblance to Tobi-Kadachi and Odogaron. Due to the close resemblance to Odogaron in both its look and name, it’s currently speculated to be a new variant of the Monster Hunter: World beast.


The wolf-like creature seems to grow empowered whenever the moon is at its fullest, letting out a terrifying howl that strikes fear into anything that happens to hear it.

Last year’s Game Awards Sunbreak trailer showed Lunagron growing ice upon its back, which it will likely use to tear through its opponent’s flesh – inflicting them with Ice Blight that slows stamina regen. Lunagaron is shown to be an excellent climber and appears to be incredibly agile.

Shogun Ceanataur

Shogun Ceanataur fighting Ludroth
Shogun Ceanataur is finally making a return in Sunbreak.

Aside from the two new monsters that were showcased, Shogun Ceanataur will also be making its highly-anticipated return in Monster Hutner Rise Sunbreak. This oversized crab was first introduced in Monster Hunter 2 and has been featured in numerous titles since.


However, its release in Sunbreak will mark the first time the Carapaceon has received a high-fidelity makeover. While his moveset has yet to be revealed, we can expect to see the usual erratic movements, high-pressure water jets, and bone-crunching pincer moves.


Garangolm Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
Garangolm is a dual fire and water type monster.

Garangolm is a hulking beast that uses its size to stomp its foes into the ground. If that wasn’t scary enough, Garangolm utilizes both water and fire moves to overwhelm those that dare to cross its path.


Astalos in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
Astalos returns to Monster Hunter with the Sunbreak expansion.

Astalos is returning to Monster Hunter with the Sunbreak expansion. This Flying Wyvern first appeared in Monster Hunter Generations, where it famously used its thunder moves to shock the life out of its enemies.


Hunters will need to dodge everything from AoE electrical explosions, deadly claw swipes, and tail slams to try and stay alive.

Blood Orange Bishaten

Blood Orange Bishaten
Blood Orange Bishaten is a new monster variant.

Blood Orange Bishaten is a new variant that throws exploding pinecones that deal huge amounts of damage. With its erratic movements and fast attacks, dodging these explosive attacks could be rather tricky.


Seregios Monster Hunter Rise
Seregios originally made its debut in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Seregios is returning to the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This Flying Wyvern is known for its razor-sharp claws, which it uses to rip and tear its opponents to ribbons. If that wasn’t terrifying enough, Seregios can fire needle-like barbs from its tail, which can cause the Bleeding Status to any Hunters hit.


Aurora Somnacanth

Aurora Somnacanth in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Aurora Somnacanth uses its icy beam attack to freeze its foes.

Aurora Somnacanth is a new variant coming to Sunbreak. This monster unleashes ice-based attacks in order to freeze any enemies that dare to get too close. Its ice breath is one move Hunters will need to take note of, especially if they wish to avoid a quick death.

Magma Almudron

Magma Almudron in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
Magma Almudron is known for its deadly fire attacks.

Unlike its regular counterpart, Magma Almudron uses fire-based attacks to burn its enemies to a crisp. Magma Almudron lives in the Lava Caverns and is known to dig into the molten ground, which gives it a special heated state.

The lava-dwelling monster uses its colossal tail to both crush and unleash flaming-hot magma toward its targets.

So, there you have it, that’s every monster in Sunbreak so far. Make sure you check our Monster Hunter page for all the latest news and content updates. 

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