Monster Hunter Rise Zenny guide: How to make money fast

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Farming money in Monster Hunter Rise is incredibly important to any hunter that wants the best weapon and armor upgrades. Here’s the best way to make millions in a matter of minutes. 

Farming money in Monster Hunter Rise can take a long time, especially when you need lots of Zenny to upgrade weapons, armor, and purchase various consumable items. In fact, late-game upgrades can quickly lead even the wealthiest hunter into bankruptcy. 

While you can sell rare Monster materials for a hefty price, you’ll want to save the majority of these items for upgrades and Talisman Melding. Rise’s most challenging Apex and Rampage quests can yield a pretty penny, but there is a more efficient way to make your millions. 

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Whether you’re a veteran Monster Hunter Rise player who is preparing for the game’s Sunbreak DLC or a PC player who is just getting started, this money farming guide will make you rich in no time. 


How to make money fast in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Lava Caverns Expedition screenCapcom
The fastest way to make Money in Monster Hunter Rise requires the Lava Caverns Expedition.

In order to make money fast in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll need to meet the following requirements: 

  • Reach High Rank.
  • Unlock the “Tour of the Caverns” Lava Caverns Expedition.
  • Equip an armor set with the Geologist skill.

Getting Geologist to level three will allow you to gather one extra time from mining outcrops, which is particularly important for farming the rare ores in the Lava Caverns. You can either craft three Geology Jewel 1 decorations or simply equip the Leather S armor.

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Once you have Geologist equipped, head over to the Gathering Hub and select the “Tour of the Lava Caverns” Expedition. If the quest has “Upsurge: Mining”, then you’ll be able to claim even more ore than usual. 

If you don’t have this special condition, simply complete the one-star quest “Roly-poly Lanterns” to reset the Lava Caverns until you get Upsurge: Mining. If you fast travel to sub-camp 1, you’ll be able to gather all the Firelanterns in no time. 

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Best way to make money in Monster Hunter Rise: Mining route

As soon as the Lava Caverns has a mining upsurge, select the quest and use the route outlined below:

  1. After spawning into the map, use your Wirebug to climb up to area 5 and mine all ore spots along the wall.
  2. Jump down to area 5 and follow the path to 12.
  3. Proceed through 12 and jump down the cliff. 
  4. Head to Area 11 and climb the vines leading to 14.
  5. Crawl through the hole on the left side of the wall and pick up all the ores along the cave’s wall.
  6. Teleport to sub-camp 2 and mine the outcrops in 6. 

With all the mining spots claimed, head back to the main camp and put all your recently acquired ores into your inventory by using the tent. If you’ve done the run fast enough, you’ll just have enough time to do one more run using the same route. 

If you wish to familiarize yourself with the exact locations of each mining outcrop, then be sure to check out gaijin hunter’s brilliant video above, which goes into great detail. After doing two runs of this mining route, you should have plenty of ore that you can sell to the merchant.

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This is by far the fastest way to farm money in Monster Hunter Rise, so be sure to use this whenever you need Zenny for your upgrades.

So, there you have it, the best way to farm money fast in Monster Hunter Rise. If you use this method, you’ll be swimming in Zenny in no time. 

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