Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Release date, trailers, platforms, gameplay

Sunbreak new monsterCapcom

Monster Hunter Rise will be getting its first paid expansion in 2022. Here’s everything we know about Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise came to Nintendo Switch back in January 2021, and soon after it releases on PC in 2022, the game will be getting its first major expansion. Entitled Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, the expansion adds a brand-new chapter that follows on from the end of Monster Hunter Rise.

Think of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak like Monster Hunter World Iceborne, an expansion that brings a new region, story, and monsters, letting players jump from the last adventure into this one. Here’s everything we know about Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, including when it releases, on which platforms, and more.

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monster hunter sunbreak monsterCapcom
We look forward to seeing new and returning monsters in Sunbreak.

Does Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak have a release date?

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will arrive on June 30, 2022 on Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

Those who already own Monster Hunter Rise, either physically or digitally, will be able to download Sunbreak as DLC. Players will need to own a copy of the base game for Monster Hunter Sunbreak to work.

A standard version of Monster Hunter Sunbreak will cost $39.99, but there will also be a deluxe edition for $49.99.

This version features additional armor sets, gestures, and hairstyles from the start. Those who already own Monster Hunter Rise will still be able to purchase a deluxe version and unlock the same benefits.

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However, those who don’t already own Monster Hunter Rise will be able to purchase both that and Sunbreak as part of a bundle – including the deluxe features.

Those who pre-order will unlock the Loyal Dog and Striped Cat costumes for their Palicos and Palamutes.

MH Sunbreak AmiiboCapcom
The Monster Hunter Sunbreak Amiibo will unlock new armor.

Sunbreak peripherals

In addition to the game itself, a special Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Pro Controller will also release on June 30, 2022.

Three new Amiibos will also launch, each unlocking a special layered armor that can be worn in-game by the player and their furry companions.

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Those who have saved data from Monster Stories 2 on their Nintendo Switch will unlock the Navirou Costume for their Palico.

Finally, Capcom has confirmed that free quality of life updates will be added post-release.

MHR Sunbreak Pro controllerCapcom
The new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for Sunbreak looks ideal for those who play in TV mode.


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC.

The base version of Monster Hunter Rise arrived on PC in January 2022. So, all players will have the chance to take part in the expansion. Be aware, Sunbreak alone will require 13GB of storage space before it can be installed.

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Monster hunter sunbreak howling monsterCapcom
Howling at the moon. Could this have something to do with Sunbreak’s story?

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak trailers

The first Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak trailer gives us our first glimpse at the new region, the island of Elgado:

The second teaser trailer introduces us to the expansion’s first new monster, the ravenous Lunagaron:

The Three Lords are revealed:

May 2022 Skill Swap trailer:

Nintendo Direct June 2022 trailer:

 Gameplay details

Specific details regarding Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s gameplay are limited currently. However, judging by the title and what’s come before, we believe Sunbreak will be the parallel of Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion – but for Monster Hunter Rise.

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Like Iceborne, Sunbreak promises to be a substantial expansion, bringing a vast new location to explore, and new monsters to populate the region.

Adding an element-themed location in Monster Hunter usually means the creatures we hunt will also represent this in some way, so prepare for new/returning monsters that belong in hot climates. The game will feature gameplay similar to Monster Hunter Rise, but we suspect the expansion will also add some new mechanics.

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Monster hunter LunagaronCapcom
Lunagaron looks mean and likely has something to do with the moon.

March 2022 Digital Event

A Monster Hunter: Rise Sunbreak Digital Event was broadcast on March 15th, 2022 on the official Monster Hunter Twitch channel and Capcom’s official YouTube channel.

The event gave an update on the expansion and a ton of new exciting details including some scary-looking new monsters to face. Capcom released a new trailer introducing us to The Three Lords, 3 powerful new monsters including an Elder Dragon.

Check them all the new monsters in our Sunbreak Monster guide. 

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak livestream gameplayCapcom
The Monster Hunter Digital Event is nearly here!

The expansion will also feature a new hub area known as the Elgado Outpost where a new cast of characters will welcome the player and aid them in their quest.

To get Rise players into Sunbreak quickly, Capcom is releasing 14 free high-level weapons to all players as well as the OP Black Belt hunter armor. This should help players move through the early stages of Rise quickly and into the new content. They’ll also provide a Guild Cross item for farming items quickly.

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Check out the event in full on YouTube below:

May 2022 Digital Event

MHR Sunbreak dragonCapcom
The latest Elder Dragon is inspired by vampires.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s May event confirmed that a new Master Rank will be added to Sunbreak and the base Monster Hunter Rise. This will upgrade a variety of monsters with new skills, making them more challenging, even for seasoned players.

Three new monsters will also be added, the first being Seregios, who fans may remember as the flagship monster of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS. Seregios has been given some upgrades and now inflicts bleed damage on players – so be warned.

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Joining Seregios is the now ice-breathing Aurora Somnacanth and Magma-infused Almudron, just in case those who weren’t already fearsome enough. The new trailer gave us another look at Sunbreak’s flagship monster, the Elder Dragon Malzeno.

This monster’s design was inspired by vampires and nobility and will feature a blood blight attack that saps the lifeforce from players. Once it’s drained a hunter completely, Malzeno evolves into a more powerful version.

New gameplay features

MH Sunbreak wall runCapcom
You’ll no longer need to use the wire to perform a wall run in MH Sunbreak.

Sunbreak will expand on gameplay features that were added in the base version of Monster Hunter Rise. The wall run move can now be performed without wire dash being performed first. Also, Monsters can now be attacked or ridden when they enter the mountable stance, giving players more options in and out of combat.

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The new Silk Bind feature will let players swap between skills on the fly, allowing them to perform creative new combos or a skill called Swap Evade to dodge monster attacks.

Hunters will be allowed to equip two different load-outs before starting a quest, then use the new Switch Skill function to seamlessly switch between them in the heat of battle.

So, there you have it, everything we know about Sunbreak. Make sure you check out our Monster Hunter Rise page for all the latest news, guides, and updates.

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