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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Release date, trailers, platforms, gameplay

Published: 27/Dec/2021 12:00 Updated: 27/Dec/2021 12:48

by Sam Smith


Monster Hunter Rise will be getting its first paid expansion in 2022. Here’s everything we know about Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise came to Nintendo Switch back in January 2021, and soon after it releases on PC in 2022, the game will be getting its first major expansion. Entitled Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, the expansion adds a brand-new chapter that follows on from the end of Monster Hunter Rise.

Think of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak like Monster Hunter World Iceborne, an expansion that brings a new region, story, and monsters, letting players jump from the last adventure into this one. Here’s everything we know about Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, including when it releases, on which platforms, and more.



monster hunter sunbreak monster
We look forward to seeing new and returning monsters in Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release date

No official release date has been given by Capcom yet, but we do know that Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak arrives in summer, 2022.


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC.

The base version of Monster Hunter Rise arrives on PC on January 12, 2022. So, players will have several months to catch up with Switch players before the expansion arrives.

Monster hunter sunbreak howling monster
Howling at the moon. Could this have something to do with Sunbreak’s story?

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak trailers

The first Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak trailer gives us our first glimpse at the new region, the island of Elgado:

The second teaser trailer introduces us to the expansion’s first new monster, the ravenous Lunagaron:

Gameplay details

Specific details regarding Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s gameplay are limited currently. However, judging by the title and what’s come before, we believe Sunbreak will be the parallel of Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion – but for Monster Hunter Rise.


Like Iceborne, Sunbreak promises to be a substantial expansion, bringing a vast new location to explore, and new monsters to populate the region. While Iceborne brought us a snowy winter wonderland, the name Sunbreak suggests we’ll be getting somewhere hot and potentially sandy. The trailer also seems to suggest this.

Adding an element-themed location in Monster Hunter usually means the creatures we hunt will also represent this in some way, so prepare for new/returning monsters that belong in hot climates. The game will feature gameplay similar to Monster Hunter Rise, but we suspect the expansion will also add some new mechanics.


Monster hunter Lunagaron
Lunagaron looks mean, and likely has something to do with the moon.

We look forward to learning more about Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak in time, and will update this as we learn more details. Until then, though, be sure to check out some of our other release hubs:

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