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Will there be Fortnite Chapter 3 leaks? Epic Games is trying to pull the brakes

Published: 2/Dec/2021 17:50

by Zackerie Fairfax


Leaking content early has become a major part of the Fortnite community, but it seems Epic Games is asking leakers to keep the contents of Chapter 3 a secret.

Fortnite Chapter 3 is just a few days away, but players normally wouldn’t need to wait that long to see what it has in store. That’s because a community of leakers on Twitter usually reveals the contents of the update before it goes live.

We say usually, because this time around, Epic Games has requested that leakers not post Chapter 3 content until downtime for the update ends. The request was only issued to some of the largest leakers in the community including HYPEX and Shiina.


However, it seems the request comes with no compensation, repercussions, or legal agreements. Simply put, Epic Games is calling in a favor.

Who is leaking Fortnite Chapter 3 content?

Agent Jonest looking shocked as the Fortnite Chapter 3 trailer leaks
Epic Games
Agent Jonesy is as confused as leakers are after receiving Epic Games’ request

Although HYPEX and Shiina were the only two to receive the request, Epic Games is asking the community as a whole to refrain from leaking Chapter 3 content until Fortnite v19.00 goes live.

That being said, asking a simple favor for nothing in return won’t stop leakers from continuing to do their jobs.

HYPEX is by far the biggest leaker in the community with 1.9 million followers on Twitter. And while they haven’t had the best history with Epic Games, they tweeted that they would be following its requests.


So, if HYPEX is your main source of Fortnite leaks, you’re going to need to look elsewhere for Chapter 3.

Shiina, being the other to receive the request, hasn’t accepted Epic Games’ agreement to not leak content.

In conversation with Dexerto, Shiina stated: “After their initial message, we thought this couldn’t work at all which is the main reason why we sent them suggestions to improve their idea. As far as I know, they haven’t responded to these suggestions yet, so there’s no real “agreement” here yet (at least from my side).”

iFireMonkey is another leading member of the Fortnite leaking community with an impressive 775k followers on Twitter, but they didn’t receive Epic Games’ request. And it seems as if he will continue to post leaked content like normal.


In conversation, he stated: “All they did was ask us to wait until downtime ended before leaking stuff, but we all know that probably won’t happen.”

Will there be Fortnite Chapter 3 leaks?

Despite leakers ignoring Epic Games’ laughable request, that doesn’t mean it will be possible to leak content. According to Shiina, there are various new factors at play with Chapter 3 that could stop leakers from datamining, though.

With the start of Chapter 3, Fortnite is switching to Unreal Engine 5. Shiina stated that this will make datamining harder in v19.00 and beyond. As well, an Epic Games employee told Shiina they “have made some changes for 19.00 to make things slightly more difficult, but nothing is ever perfect”.


The process of datamining and posting has been automated thanks to the use of bots. However, several public bots/services that are used by a vast majority of dataminers to properly do their “job” will be turned off during v19.00 downtime.

“All of that will most likely stop people from leaking content,” stated Shiina.

Epic Games
Leakers might not be able to leak content due to Fortnite moving to Unreal Engine 5

Epic Games wants Fortnite’s new content to be a surprise. They want players to be able to play a few rounds for themselves before seeing the new content on Twitter. And despite leakers ignoring their request, that might actually happen.

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