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Ali-A reveals missing features in Fortnite Chapter 2’s final update

Published: 2/Dec/2021 2:02

by Alan Bernal


The last Fortnite Chapter 2 patch has come and gone, much to the disappointment of YouTube star Ali-A, who noticed promised features were excluded from the update.

As we look ahead to The End event on December 4, Epic Games are going down memory lane on social media with plans to also give the current season a proper send-off with items from the VS voting series.

But popular Fortnite YouTuber Ali-A realized this, and other teased features, aren’t going to be coming to the BR on time since The End is nigh.

fortnite the end
Epic Games
The End of Fortnite is coming soon as Epic prepare to launch Chapter 3.

“According to the in-game files,” Ali-A began. “At least it was planned, initially, from Fortnite [that] we were going to get all of the things that didn’t make it and lost the vote, returning in-game for the final week this season.


“Well the final season update is here and, unfortunately, that hasn’t happened. Which is really annoying. It doesn’t look like it is going to happen.”

Though Epic are likely planning sweeping changes to Fortnite, Ali-A was bummed out that players will have to wait for some of the things he thought were coming soon.

He named the Combat SMG as an example, which lost to the Combat Assault Rifle in the mid-October vote ahead of the v18.20 patch update that week.

Before Chapter 3 takes over, Fortnite’s in-game files also suggested players would be able to ride animals in some fashion.


But Ali-A noticed that too was going to be missed since the final update of the season didn’t include it.

Ever the optimist, the English YouTuber is instead looking forward to the new era of Fortnite to see if those features will be implemented then or if the ideas got scrapped altogether.