Epic permanently bans renowned Fortnite leaker HYPEX for incident 3 years ago

Lauren Bergin. Last updated: Sep 10, 2021
Fornite character crying in front of permaban screen
Epic Games

Epic Games have elected to permanently ban renowned Fortnite leaker HYPEX for an incident that happened three years ago. 

In a bizarre turn of events, Epic Games have permanently banned popular Fortnite leaker, HYPEX, for breaking the game’s rules in 2018.

This comes in the wake of a similarly obscure ban during the FNCS, where 100 Thieves’ team (led by MrSavage) were banned mid-match, ultimately losing them a whole host of points just when they needed them.

The leaker has expressed his disappointment on Twitter, and is pleading with the gaming behemoth to overturn the ban.

Fornite Permaban Screen
Epic Games
HYPEX has been permanently banned from Fortnite.

HYPEX permanently banned from Fortnite

In a Twitter post from September 9, HYPEX informed their following that they had been permanently banned from the game for “account transferring” in 2018, now three years ago.

“Epic said I’m permabanned for ‘Account Transferring,'” they lament. “All because my friend gave me his account in 2018 when I lost mine. After all the love that I gave the game since the start and sticking with it during its highs & ups, I get this for a simple mistake I didn’t know about.

“Nobody knows how much I truly love the game,” they continue. “And I can name MANY reasons why my ban is beyond unfair, I already told some of those reasons to Epic in private hoping they’ll reconsider this but seems like I’ll get ignored again.”

Their original tweet has accrued over 13k upvotes at the time of writing, with the comments section awash in fellow players supporting their attempts to get the account unbanned.

Two hashtags have also been set up to try and wield the power of social media, with fans of his content rallying behind #FreeHYPEX and #UnbanHYPEX.

While both HYPEX and the larger community are clearly devastated by Epic’s decision, they’ll need to wait and see what the future holds.