Where to place Warning Signs at a Crop Circle in Fortnite’s Foreshadowing Quest

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Fortnite crop circle warning signs
Epic Games

Another Foreshadowing Quest has arrived in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, and it requires players to place Warning Signs at a Crop Circle. Here’s exactly where you need to go.

With just days to go until Fortnite Season 6 draws to a close, players are eager to get as many opportunities as they can to earn XP and level up their Battle Pass – and fortunately, Epic Games are here to help with a brand new quest line.

As well as giving players 24,000 XP when completed, each of these new Foreshadowing Quests hints towards an impending alien invasion, which could very well be the mystery theme of the fast-approaching Chapter 2 Season 7.

The latest challenge asks players to place Warning Signs at a Crop Circle. If you’re struggling to find the right location, we’ve got a handy guide that’ll tell you exactly where you need to go to complete the quest.

Fortnite Crop Circle location

Fortnite Crop Circle Location
Epic Games
The Crop Circle location in Fortnite Season 6.

You can place Warning Signs at a Crop Circle by visiting Colossal Crops, a new POI that was introduced at the start of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. It’s northeast of The Spire at the center of the map, so it’s not too hard to find.

When you get here, you’ll find that all of the corn that was growing at the center of the location has gone. Instead, it’s been replaced by a mysterious Crop Circle that looks like something out of an alien invasion movie.

Simply approach the outlines of Warning Signs around the Crop Circle and press the command button. Once you’ve completed this quest, you’ll have 24,000 XP in the bag and be one step closer to solving this Fortnite mystery.

What does the Crop Circle signify?

Fortnite warning signs crop circle
Epic Games
The Crop Circle hints at an alien invasion.

Unlike the regular weekly challenges, these Foreshadowing Quests hint at developments in the wider Fortnite story, so players have already started trying to figure out what they mean.

Farmer Steel is the NPC who asks you to place the Warning Signs at the Crop Circle, saying, “Pranksters, aliens, whatever you are, if you come for my corn, there’s gonna be trouble.”

Interestingly, the points of the Crop Circle at Colossal Crops line up perfectly with the Spire and the Guardian Towers that were introduced at the start of this Primal season, meaning this development has been planned for months.

With Crop Circles now joining the lineup of clues, and UFO abductions set to take place before the end of Season 6, it seems very likely that aliens will play heavily into the theme of Chapter 2 Season 7.

If you’re looking to complete the other Fortnite Foreshadowing Quests, we’ve got guides to finding the Downed Black Helicopter, repairing the Damaged Telescopes, and locating all of the CB Radios.

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