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Where to Investigate the Downed Black Helicopter in Fortnite’s Foreshadowing Quest

Published: 25/May/2021 14:29 Updated: 25/May/2021 15:20

by Daniel Megarry


A new set of challenges called the Foreshadowing Quests have gone live in Fortnite Season 6, and you’ll need to Investigate a Downed Black Helicopter in order to complete them.

As Fortnite Season 6 draws to a close, players will no doubt be looking for a final few chances to earn some much-needed XP to level up their Battle Pass and unlock any final cosmetics and skins they’re missing.

Fortunately, Epic Games are introducing a new line of challenges called the Foreshadowing Quests. As well as offering 24,000 XP each when completed, they also appear to hint at a potential alien invasion in Season 7.


One of the first Foreshadowing Quests players will need to complete is to Investigate a Downed Black Helicopter, and we’ve got the location you need to visit right here – with this map, you’ll finish it in no time!

Fortnite Downed Black Helicopter location

Fortnite Downed Black Helicopter Location
Epic Games
The location of the Downed Black Helicopter.

You can find the Downed Black Helicopter near one of the Guardian Towers at the south of the Fortnite map, just northwest of Misty Meadows and Lazy Lake Island.

Head to the area of land just above the Guardian Tower, and look for an area of the ground that’s got a ditch in it. This is where the Downed Black Helicopter will be. Simply interact to complete the challenge.


With that one in the bag, you’ll have earned yourself 24,000 XP and be able to progress onto the next set of Foreshadowing Quests once they go live at a future date – we’ll keep you updated when that happens.

What does the Downed Black Helicopter signify?

Fortnite Downed Black Helicopter dialogue
Epic Games
The helicopter could hint at the return of the IO Guards.

Unlike the regular weekly challenges, the new Foreshadowing Quests are part of Fortnite’s major story arc. Each one hints at the arrival of something from outer space. Yes, that’s right: Aliens are coming to Fortnite.

However, this specific quest hints at the return of a previous enemy, the IO Guards. Farmer Steel is the NPC who asks you to investigate the Downed Black Helicopter, and says, “I know IO when I see it.”


Could the IO Guards be making a comeback alongside aliens in Season 7? Maybe that’s what they’ve been investigating all along? We’ll just have to wait and see when Fortnite Season 7 arrives on June 8, 2021.