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Where to place video cameras at different landing ship locations in Fortnite

Published: 11/Aug/2021 12:51

by Daniel Megarry


Fortnite’s Week 10 challenges have arrived, and there’s another location-based quest for players to complete: placing video cameras at different landing ship locations.

Ariana Grande’s concert may be over, but life continues on the Island. A new set of weekly challenges have arrived, once again giving players another chance to earn some much-needed XP to level up their Battle Pass and unlock more skins.

This new collection of Week 10 Legendary challenges are relatively easy in comparison to previous sets, but one challenge in particular might leave players scratching their heads: placing video cameras at different landing ship locations.


As with previous Legendary challenges this season, it’s Doctor Slone who’s giving the orders, as she wants to get as much information on the alien invaders as possible. Below, you’ll find a simple guide to complete this quest in no time.

Where to place video cameras in Fortnite

Fortnite Video Camera Locations
Epic Games
Here’s where you can place video cameras on the Fortnite map.

There are multiple locations where you can place video cameras in Fortnite, but we recommend visiting these locations to make completing the challenge easier:

  • On the northeastern hill overlooking Lazy Lake.
  • On a small cliff edge next to the road leading west out of Retail Row.
  • On the northeastern hill on the east side of Misty Meadows.

You’ll need to place one video camera at each of the three locations in order to complete this challenge, and we’ve marked them on the map above to make finding them a little easier.


The video cameras don’t all need to be placed in the same match, but it’s probably a lot quicker to do it that way as the locations we’ve listed above are all very close to each other – especially if you find a Ferrari!

Fortnite video camera location 1: Lazy Lake

Fortnite video camera Lazy Lake

There are a few areas you can place a video camera at Lazy Lake, but the best one to visit is on a cliff edge at the northeastern point of the location. Then, you can make a quick rotation to your next destination.

Fortnite video camera location 2: Retail Row

video camera Retail Row

Once you’ve moved on to Retail Row, you won’t even have to enter the POI as there’s a video camera spot among the trees on a small raised cliff to the right of the road at the western point of Retail Row.


Fortnite video camera location 3: Misty Meadows

Fortnite video camera Misty Meadows

Finally, at Misty Meadows, you can find a location to place your third video camera up on a hill that overlooks the POI from the northeastern side. Don’t go too high up the cliff, though, or you’ll miss it.

Once you’ve finished this Legendary quest, you’ll earn a huge 30,000 XP for your efforts.

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