Among Us devs respond to rumors about Fortnite crossover

Epic Games, Innersloth

Fortnite and Among Us players were excited to see leaks that a crossover between the two multiplayer games could be in the works, but the devs have now called it simply a “rumor”.

Joining Call of Duty in an effort to add some suspicion to proceedings, datamined information from leakers appeared to suggest that Fortnite would soon be getting an Among Us style mode or crossover.

Initially released in June 2018, the indie hit from developers InnerSloth experienced an immense boom in popularity in 2020 as streamers from across the globe flocked to it. Some have bailed on the party game, but there are plenty still playing it on a regular basis.

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Among Us had a crossover with Fall Guys in March 2021, and rumors emerged that a Fortnite collaboration was in the works, too. However, the official Among Us Twitter account has now denied that anything is happening.

“I don’t know who spread this rumor but it isn’t true haha,” they wrote. “Would be super cool though.”

Of course, it could be the case that the devs at Among Us are just trying to keep the crossover a secret, so below you’ll find everything we know about the rumored collaboration, just in case it does actually happen.

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The sleeper hit has become a popular staple among streamers.

When is Among Us coming to Fortnite?

Reliable Fortnite leaker HYPEX made the discovery of a potential Among Us crossover, after coming across files in-game that strongly suggest the new addition will be coming soon.

Spotting a file titled “Mole” within the game, implying Epic Games spin on “Imposter”, they also managed to find the following keywords associated with this find: 

  • Electrical
  • Cafeteria
  • Tasks
  • Sabotage
  • Factory
  • Repair
  • Lab
  • Visitor CSI
  • Weapons Lab
  • Island Monitoring
  • Security
  • The Loop

With all these keywords banded together, it is just too suspicious to dismiss as anything else. However, HYPEX has noted that this new information could pertain to the Imagine Order area under Colossal Coliseum. 

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This connection has only been drawn in part to the fact that “The Loop” and “Visitor CSI” are noted within this area. By including these very familiar elements of Among Us within the same breath, it seems like Epic Games are plotting a grand scheme behind the scenes. 

On the other side of collaborations, Fortnite recently hosted pop sensation Ariana Grande, as part of the Rift Tour. Transforming the game into a pastel color fever dream, Grande impressed famed streamers TimTheTatman and Ninja with her digital presentation.

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Showcasing five performances for players to witness before their eyes, the Ariana Grande-led event concluded on August 8. After that, who knows what is next.

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