Where to find Shopping Carts in Fortnite Season 8

A Shopping Cart in Fortnite Season 8Epic Games

Shopping Carts have finally returned to Fortnite, meaning players can once again ride around in one of the battle royale’s best items. Here’s where to find them in Season 8.

There are loads of wacky items in Epic Games’ hit battle royale Fortnite, from the speed-boosting consumable Chilli Chug Splash to the absolutely bizarre Inflate-A-Bull, but one of the best is the classic Shopping Cart.

The quirky vehicle hasn’t been seen in the game for months, but following the recent 18.40 update, it’s finally made a long-overdue return for the final few weeks of Season 8 (which could also be the last season of Chapter 2!)

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Below, you’ll find all the information you need to find Shopping Carts in Fortnite Season 8, and how to use them to zoom around the map.


Ariana Grande riding a Shopping Cart through Retail Row in FortniteEpic Games
You can make a quick getaway with a Shopping Cart.

Where to find Shopping Carts in Fortnite Season 8

You’ll have the best chance of finding a Shopping Cart in Fortnite by visiting Retail Row, as this location is full of shops. If there aren’t any here, you can also try residential areas like Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake.

Shopping Carts spawn at random, so you might not always find them. They also seem to be in short supply (probably to keep them from causing too much havoc across the map!) so there is an element of luck.

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Ariana Grande looking at a Shopping Cart in FortniteEpic Games
Using a Shopping Cart in Fortnite is just like driving a car.

How to use Shopping Carts in Fortnite Season 8

Once you’ve found a Shopping Cart, interact with it to grab onto the handlebar, then get some momentum going by running forwards. You can use the ‘Toggle Build Mode’ button (that’s circle on PlayStation) for a speed boost.

Shopping Carts work best with a friend, as one of you can push while the other rides inside the cart. It’s great for escaping when you’re overwhelmed – just remember that whoever is pushing will be vulnerable to enemy fire.

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The best thing about Shopping Carts is that they don’t use fuel, making them one of the few vehicles in the game that you can use to your heart’s content without having to worry about visiting a gas station.

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