The Rock teases major Fortnite Season 6 crossover with cryptic video

Brad Norton
The Rock in Fortnite Season 6

Is The Rock next in line for a major Fortnite crossover? It certainly seems that way as players have spotted a number of Season 6 teasers in-game after Dwayne Johnson himself shared a cryptic video on Instagram.

With each new season in Fortnite comes all-new crossovers. While Season 6 has only just landed, we’ve already seen the likes of Lara Croft introduced, along with football sensation Neymar Jr.

Next up could be The Rock, if recent teasers come to fruition. From subtle in-game details to proper teasers on social media, he could be making his presence known this season.

The Zero Crisis cinematic saw Agent Jones recruit the aid of yet another powerful figure. This armored ally is all but shrouded in mystery for now, but there’s reason to believe it could be The Rock.

The Rock teases Fortnite Season 6 crossover

On the same day of the Season 6 update, the day in which this new character arrived in Fortnite, The Rock shared an eyebrow-raising message on Instagram. “The date is March 16,” he said. “Today was a big day.”

“In a certain world, in a certain culture, today was a big day.”

From popular game franchises to iconic movies, the latest ongoing storyline in Fortnite has seen Agent Jones recruiting powerful figures from a number of dimensions. With this phrasing, The Rock appears to be hinting at the world of Fortnite.

“This is all done to strengthen, and evolve, and grow, the power and the force known as… The Foundation.” His post also came with a similar caption, further promoting ‘The Foundation’.

This is the name given to this mysterious character’s skin in Fortnite Season 6. “His sacrifice won’t be forgotten,” the description reads. He is the “leader of the Seven.”


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In-game Fortnite teasers hint at The Rock

Following this brief video from The Rock, players began to notice a few key details hidden in the latest update. One particular teaser can even be spotted on The Foundation skin itself.

The metallic design of the new figure appears to resemble that of the popular actor. The shape of his tribal tattoos is mirrored by the armor, with exact sizes lining up across the left shoulder. 

Fortnite The Foundation skin
The Foundation skin could be The Rock in disguise.

Beyond the design, in-game files also link The Rock to this new character.

A number of audio files for The Foundation skin are listed in a particular folder under the hood. In the game’s files, these voice lines can be found in a folder called ‘DJ.’

While this could be a red herring, DJ clearly makes for another great hint, pointing towards Dwayne Johnson’s involvement.

Fortnite code
DJ could be an obvious hint towards The Rock’s initials.

We’ll have to wait and see just how Season 6 unfolds for now. Though it’s possible something major could be in the works for the ongoing storyline. Rock’s addition to Fortnite would be one of the biggest crossovers to date.

Keep your eyes peeled for any further teasers as the weeks go by. We’ll keep you updated as any new information comes to light.

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