How to repair a vehicle at a Service Station in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

Josh Taylor
Fortnite Service Station repair.

Here’s how you can repair a vehicle at a Service Station in Fortnite and all their locations across the Chapter 5 Season 3 map.

Fortnite’s vehicles have been dominating the meta for the game’s Nitro-fueled Wrecked season. This is all thanks to Epic giving players the ability to fortify their vehicles in unique ways with several upgrades. It’s also much easier to dart across the map with the scattered Flaming Boost Hoops.

However, cars have been bashed around and hit like never before. This has led to many players needing to repair often and refuel quickly to avoid their vehicles being easily destroyed. The best way to repair your vehicles in Fortnite is by using one of the many Service Stations dotted around the island.

How to repair a vehicle at a Service Station in Fortnite

To repair a vehicle at a Service Station in Fortnite, you will need to head to a Service Station on the island and then park your car on a Gas Pump platform to automatically start repairing your car.

Fortnite Service Station
Drive onto the orange-outlined Service Station platform to start instantly repairing your Fortnite vehicle.

After a few short seconds of being parked on the platform, your vehicle will be repaired back to full health. Your car will also be refueled, giving you a full gas tank to ensure everything is as good as new.

Alternatively, you can also use a Repair Torch, which has returned to Fortnite for Chapter 5 Season 3, or drive into a new Repair Box while using a vehicle to instantly repair your car back to full health.

Every Service Station location in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

All 12 Service Stations can be found spread across the Chapter 5 Season 3 map. Some are much closer to each other, while others are located at the far edges of the island and away from the main POIs. Here’s a map of where you can find every Service Station location:

All Service Stations locations on Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 map
All Service Stations marked on the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 map.

You will soon notice that the best place to find Service Stations is in the new Wasteland biome that has taken over the south of the island with the Chapter 5 Season 3 update. There are 9 stations that you can use to repair your vehicles in the Wasteland, with more than one found near most of the new POIs.

However, be aware that the opposite is true in other regions. There are only 7 Service Stations located across the whole of the rest of the map, with some POIs such as The Underworld, Grim Gate, and Rebel’s Roost not having any at all or nearby.

Alternate methods to repair a vehicle

Players can also pick up Blowtorches from chests or floor loot to repair vehicles. Each Blowtorch has a 200-capacity limit, which can repair a vehicle to almost full two times. These Blowtorches can be used outside the vehicle by the driver or while the vehicle is moving by another passenger.

Blowtorch repairing a vehicle in Fortnite.

In addition to Blowtorches and Repair Stations, Slup Cactus will also heal the vehicle and the players inside. Each Slurp Cactus does a set amount of health to the vehicle, including adding gas to the tank.

Vehicle Mods have changed the way players use vehicles completely this season, becoming a key part of the meta for Fortnite’s Wrecked season.

Early on though, the newly introduced Boom Bolt and Nitro Fists have proved to be strong counters added to the weapon pool to stop the armored vehicles from wreaking too much havoc.