Fortnite’s overpowered Double Pump meta is back but with unexpected weapon

Michelle Cornelia
Fortnite hammer pump shotgun and Boom Bolt weapons.

The Double Pump meta has been popular since Fortnite’s OG days, but it’s now back in Chapter 5 Season 3 thanks to this weapon and strategy.

Veteran Fortnite players are no strangers when it comes to the Double Pump meta. There was a point in Fortnite where players would equip two Pump Shotguns at the same time and go on to obliterate anyone trying to get up close.

The way this worked is that you would shoot with a Pump Shotgun once before quickly switching to the other and finishing off the kill. With how much damage it dealt — combined with the fire rate when switching — the meta quickly became popular.

Earlier in Chapter 5, Season 3, players were faced with an unexpected meta revolving around vehicles and other new items. However, thanks to this particular strat shared by a player, the Double Pump meta is looking to slowly make a comeback — but with a weapon you likely wouldn’t expect.

The Boom Bolt has three rarities, starting from Rare and continuing with the Legendary one, which requires you to defeat the Ringmaster Scarr boss. Here’s how this weapon can pull off the Double Pump meta.

Aside from getting the legendary rarity of Boom Bolt from the Ringmaster Scarr boss, you’ll need to grab their medallion as well, which will give you infinite ammo and increased damage. Once you’ve secured this weapon, loot another Boom Bolt.

Regardless of its rarity, as long as you already have the medallion equipped, all weapons in your inventory will have infinite ammo and a nice damage buff. 

Now, with two Boom Bolt crossbows with you, combined with the infinite ammo medallion, you can essentially spam this weapon to your enemies the same way you would with a Double Pump Shotgun.

Except, with Boom Bolt’s projectile being able to stick to players and structures, you’ll be able to see these unfortunate players explode before they can do anything. It’s even better if you’re playing with a squad or friends so that your teammates can distract the enemy while you melt them from afar.

With how this works, it’s even better if the enemies are clumped together. Overall, if you’re looking to secure that sweet Victory Royale, this is definitely worth trying. Though beware, you’re likely not the only one heading to the Ringmaster Scarr, so make sure to secure some good loot first.