“Underrated” Fortnite weapon shreds in Chapter 5 Season 3

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring the Tow Hook Cannon in Fortnite.

While Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 has introduced a bunch of new weapons and items, one “underrated” piece of equipment can hit like a truck and send your enemy back to the lobby.

With the introduction of new weapons every season, the meta in Fortnite is always changing. Earlier this season, cars and Nitro Fists dominated the Battle Royale, so much so that players begged for certain items to return to help counter them.

The Tow Hook Cannon is one of the latest additions intended to counter vehicles in the game. While it may not be as popular as the EMP Shield Breaker or the recently vaulted Boogie Bombs to shut down a car, it can certainly be viable in combat as one player has shown.

“Do not sleep on the Tow Hook Cannon; it’s never the wrong weapon for the job,” a player wrote in a Reddit thread, showcasing a clip of them winning a 1v1 using the Tow Hook Cannon. 

Even though the enemy was using Nitro Fists to maneuver around the place, the player was able to land their hits and take them down in just a few shots. And just like that, they were eliminated and sent packing.

“Not a bad choice when you’re in tight against nitro fists….just don’t miss!!” one player commented

Granted, acquiring a target with the Tow Hook Cannon can be challenging since it’s a projectile weapon, but the amount of damage it deals certainly pays off.

“Crazy damage, but it’s a b**** to aim with. However, I carry it ever since I won a game with it as my last weapon…everything else needed a reload, and the final guy was right on top of me; I hit him with the tow hook and got the crown,” mentioned another.

“The knockback is underrated. Love to use it when fighting on hills to create an instant high ground advantage (or sometimes just get a fall damage elim outright),” one player chimed in.

It can be punishing to miss your shots if the situation is a bit more chaotic. Still, if you have friends with you and can poke the enemy from afar, it could turn the tides of the match – provided you land your shots, of course.

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