Fortnite player unable to unlock freebies gets clowned for being in V-Buck debt

fortnite v-buck debtEpic Games

A Fortnite user who can’t unlock free items because they have negative in-game currency is getting roasted for being in V-Buck debt.

V-Bucks serve as the in-game currency of Fortnite, which players can buy with real-world money. For instance, $8 will net access to 1,000 V-Bucks.

The currency works across Fortnite’s Battle Royale and Creative modes, allowing for the purchase of new Battle Passes as well as customization items such as Emotes, Outfits, and Gliders.

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Earning or unlocking freebies serves as another way to access various items. However, one person recently learned that Fortnite debt will lock you out of certain free offers.

Fortnite player roasted for accruing V-Buck debt

“I’m too broke to buy free items,” read the caption of a Reddit post from a user named Goudafr. The video clip accompanying the post shows the player trying to unlock free items in the Item Shop.

However, their negative balance of -6,910 V-Bucks won’t let them take advantage of the available offers. Clicking on an item like the Access Core valued at 0 V-Buck takes the Redditor straight to a page reading, “Get V-Bucks.”

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Unsurprisingly, learning about V-Buck debt has surprised several Fortnite players. But a few made sure to get in some jokes at the original poster’s expense. Remarked one person in the thread, “bro is in debt to Fortnite lmfao.”

“I heard if you don’t pay off your Fortnite debt they send the IO to your house and they reclaim your PS5,” joked someone else in the comments. They don’t stop there, of course: “Mf in FortDebt, he owes some vbucks to the FRS.”

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Others made it a point to explain how Fortnite debt is even possible. Apparently, some people exploit refunds by purchasing V-Bucks, then securing a refund on their credit/debit card. According to one Redditor, once all is said and done, “Epic refunds the money and the v-bucks, leaving you in the negative.”

If that’s the case, it would seem Epic withholding freebies from accounts in the negative is fair punishment.

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