Fortnite Season 7: The third teaser image has been revealed and it looks like zip lines and planes have been confirmed - Dexerto

Fortnite Season 7: The third teaser image has been revealed and it looks like zip lines and planes have been confirmed

Published: 5/Dec/2018 10:52 Updated: 5/Dec/2018 17:23

by Ross Deason


The third, and presumably final, teaser image for Season 7 of Fortnite was released by Epic Games on Wednesday, December 5.

The release of the second teaser on December 4 showed a female character that seemed to be snowboarding down an icy slope while a much smaller character clinged to the edge of a cliff or zoomed down a zip line.

Our assumption was that the third image would zoom in on this smaller character and give us more of an idea of what was happening – an assumption based on the fact that image number two was an enlarged version of the much smaller character that could be seen in the first teaser on December 3.


That assumption appears to have been correct, as the third teaser has now been revealed and the tiny character can now be seen more clearly.

The caption for the image is as follows: “Ascend to new heights… Season 7 starts tomorrow!”

Zip lines look like they’re coming to Fortnite.

Our guess about the character being on some sort of zip line has also been confirmed, and we’re pretty sure that it’ll have something to do with the zip line leak from earlier this year. Look close enough, and you can even see a plane, so that leak also looks to have been proven true!

If you haven’t seen the second teaser image before, you can find it below. 


The second teaser appeared to be an enlarged section of the first image (below).

The general consensus within the Fortnite community throughout the latter half of Season 6 was that Season 7 would feature some sort of snow map and winter theme, and all of the teasers so far seem to confirm that assumption.

Add to this the fact that a mysterious iceberg has been seen making its way towards the map from the ocean and that snow has started to fall, and we feel pretty safe in saying that we will be having a white Christmas in Fortnite!

Season 7 is due to begin on Thursday, December 6, so we should have all of our answers very soon. Don’t be surprised to see more hints beginning to arrive throughout the rest of December 5 as Epic prepare for the grand reveal.


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The first teaser shows the silhouette of what many assume will be the Season 7 tier 100 Battle Pass skin.