Fortnite: The first Season 7 teaser has been released and a snow map looks more likely than ever - Dexerto

Fortnite: The first Season 7 teaser has been released and a snow map looks more likely than ever

Published: 3/Dec/2018 15:43 Updated: 3/Dec/2018 17:17

by Ross Deason


The first Fortnite Season 7 teaser was released by Epic Games on December 3, confirming the date that it will begin and dropping a massive hint about the theme.

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Speculation about what Season 7 will look like has been rife within the Fortnite community for a number of weeks, but the prevailing theory has been that ice or snow will be a major factor.

That theory appears to have been proven once and for all after the December 3 Twitter post that shows some form of icy river structure that also seems to form a face with a crown!

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The caption that comes with the image simply says: “A bitter ice spreads… 3 days to Season 7.”

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We’re guessing that the entire Fortnite map will be covered in ice and snow once Season 7 begins, but Epic Games always have a surprise up their sleeve so we’re not putting any money down just yet.

Some fans believed the release date for the new season fit in well with a special Epic Games announcement set to take place on Thursday, December 6, at the Game Awards, but Epic Games’ Nick Chester confirmed this is not the case.

Fortnite fans are already hard at work looking for clues in the first Season 7 teaser, but it seems likely that we’ll not be able to glean much more until the second is released, presumably on December 4.


With Christmas just around the corner, some players were expecting a light-hearted festive season, but the image looks significantly more ominous than that.

Epic GamesWill some sort of icy villain terrorize the Fortnite universe during Season 7?

We’ll keep you updated with more information, and our favorite fan theories, over the coming days!