New Leaks Claim Grappling Hooks and Zip Lines are Coming to Fortnite Battle Royale

It looks like Fortnite could be on the brink of receiving a list of interesting new consumable items, including a Grappling Hook and Zip Line!

There is also more information on a new foraged item called the “Prickly Pear” which has been hinted at in earlier leaks.

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The leaks come from @FNBRLeaks and @CrossLeaks on Twitter and seem to suggests that consumables will be receiving some attention in the near future.

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The V5.20 patch, released on August 7, introduced the all-new Double Barrel Shotgun and Steady Storm Limited Time mode and also marked the beginning of a series of leaks from data miners that got their hands on the files.

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While there is no detailed information on what any of the new items will do, the thought of Grappling Hooks and Zip Lines is sure to get imaginations racing.

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If leaks from XDA Developers earlier in the week are accurate, the Prickly Pear will “Hurt N’ Heal”, so it sounds like it could have a double purpose.

Items that appear in the game files after a patch tend to be added to the live game fairly swiftly, so hopefully all of our questions will be answered in the near future!

The V5.2 leaks have also included a number of new skins, gliders, pickaxes and more, as well as some in-game footage of upcoming emotes.

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