Fortnite: Season 7 battle pass skins leaked online

With Season 7 fast approaching in Fortnite, three new skins which are yet to be released have leaked online, giving fans a first glimpse at what new cosmetics they can expect.

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As with every new season in Fortnite, there will be a new theme for Season 7, along with new cosmetics – and some map changes also expected, with snow spotted and a wintery scene shown in teasers.

Usually all the new cosmetics would be kept a guarded secret until after the new season begins, but the iOS App Store appears to have leaked three skins ahead of the start of Season 7.

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Although these have not been confirmed by Epic Games, there is actually a big clue that these are definitely real skins dropping in Season 7.

Along with the three main skins which are visible, a small eye shape is also present in the far right of the image, where it is cut off.

The catwoman-like skin on the left is also clearly the same shape as the skin shown close up in the second teaser for Season 7, appearing to be snowboarding.

Leaked Season 7 Fortnite skins
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This eye shape almost certainly belongs to another skin which was leaked previously, with a female character wearing a onesie. This skin was leaked and then shortly after removed from the game files.

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The leaked Onesie skin

You can also see the outline of the black cat skin in the second teaser for Season 7.

The second teaser image for Season 7

Because they are shown off as the feature image for Season 7, these skins will likely be available as part of the Season 7 battle pass.

Following the announcement of Fortnite Creative, some players also notice this character in the featured image, who appears to be wearing a skin not yet in the game, although it is difficult to tell from a distance.

Possible new Season 7 skin shown in Fortnite Creative image.