Fortnite: The second Season 7 teaser image has been revealed and it seems to hint at new methods of transport

Ross Deason

The second teaser image for Fortnite Season 7 was released on Tuesday, December 4, providing fans with yet another hint about what to expect.

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The second teaser image was released shortly after word began to spread about snow falling on Spawn Island – an occurrence that finally confirms that Winter is coming!

The November 4 teaser shows what looks to be another mysterious character skiing or snowboarding down a snowy slope and comes with the caption: “A frigid day dawns… 2 days to Season 7.”

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We’re not entirely sure what to make of the image, but the snowboard might not be the only method of transport that it is hinting at!

If you look closely at the smaller character in the picture, it’s hard to tell whether he is falling or riding a zip line! This might not be as far-fetched as you imagine, because leaks from August actually predicted zip lines being added to the game along with grappling hooks.

The larger character, which Epic Games’ Donald Mustard has confirmed is a female skin of some sort, also seems to be the smaller outfit from the first teaser that has now been zoomed in on.

Epic Games
The small character from the first teaser appears to have been enlarged for teaser two.
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If that assumption about zooming in proves to be true, we could  potentially find out more about the falling/zip-lining character tomorrow, December 5, when the third teaser image will presumably be revealed.

Speculation about what the upcoming season will have in store reached fever pitch on Monday, December 3, when Epic Games finally shared the first teaser image on Twitter.

Many players have been predicting some sort of winter or snow theme for the Christmas months, and the first teaser image certainly seemed to support that theory, showing an icy silhouette of what we believe will be the Season 7 tier 100 skin for Battle Pass owners.

There have been multiple leaks that also support the idea that the entire map will be engulfed with snow or ice when Season 6 comes to an end and Season 7 begins.

There are also a number of in-game hints, like the iceberg on the south coast of the map or the cold breath that can be seen escaping from the lips of characters when you zoom in close enough.