Fortnite pros praise Storm Surge patch changes after July 19 update

fortnite stormEpic Games

Fortnite pro players are loving the changes to the Storm Surge in the July 19 patch, making competitive games and its servers run a lot more smoother.

Battle royales can get tricky to balance around a competitive scene since it has to take dozens of players into account for every match. Across games like Apex Legends, Warzone, and the many others before them, there’s been much discussion of exactly how to keep the action rolling.

While some players will go for kills, damage, and anything else to provide a competitive advantage, others will typically elect the wait-and-see approach to matches.

In a battle royale, it’s all fair game to place as high as you can but sometimes having too many players in the end game can be disruptive to both the match and the servers it’s being played on.

The new Storm Surge values in Fortnite competitive playlists.

That’s why Epic Games turned up the heat on Fortnite’s Storm Surge on July 19, to both encourage players to look for fights while thinning out the herd to give servers more stability when the action ramps up.

And the effects have been noticed by pro players dropping onto the Fortnite island too. Wave’s JannisZ is already seeing how a stronger Storm Surge is making a difference on the scene.

“The new surge change was the best change ever btw. All the braindead kids don’t know how to play anymore,” he said. Pro Fortnite coach Boop agreed: “And it’s really entertaining to watch, best change we’ve seen in a long time to competitive.”

Fortnite’s new Storm Surge will start to hurt people who’ve dealt the least damage if there’s 64 remaining players after the second Storm Circle.

These settings only affect competitive Fortnite and it’s already producing great results, it seems. Epic are sure to monitor the changes to see how to improve it, as the FNCS season continues.