Fortnite players slam new Flash skin for being the exact same as the old one

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite Flash skin and Ezra Miller

In response to the release of the latest DCEU film The Flash in theatres, Fortnite users are outraged that the old Flash skin inspired by the CW series has been re-added to the game. While players had hoped for a new skin showcasing Ezra Miller’s iteration, they were left disappointed.

Fortnite’s collaborations with movies, TV shows, comics, and even other games have proven to be quite fruitful over the years. Some of the most well-known, however, have been based on the Marvel and DC comic book franchises.

For instance, with the release of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, many players purchased a Miles Morales skin as they previously hoped it would be added to the game. In contrast to Marvel’s prolific output of movie-based skins, DC has been noticeably quieter in this regard.

After the release of Warner Bros.’ final film in the DC Extended Universe, The Flash, fans were anticipating Ezra Miller’s portrayal of the Scarlet Speedster to arrive as an in-game skin. Unfortunately, Fortnite just re-added the Flash skin based on the CW version portrayed by Grant Gustin, which did not sit well with fans.

Fortnite players outraged over re-release of the old Flash skin instead of the new one

As of earlier today, all DC skins had been re-added to the Fortnite Item Shop after Epic did a complete reset in honor of the premiere of the DCEU film The Flash. Skins for characters like Batman Zero, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and more have been added to the Item Shop, and they’ve been quite popular among players.

They were especially disappointed that DC and Epic opted to re-release the “old” version of the Flash skin based on Grant Gustin’s portrayal in the CW show rather than include Ezra Miller’s version in the game.

Players speculate that this is because of the recent criminal procedures that the movie’s star actor, Ezra Miller, has been involved in. Others have said that the Grant Gustin Flash would be their first option as a Flash skin, even if the new version of the character were to be included in the game.

However, many think that Epic planned to resell the DC skins in anticipation of the launching of a film in the franchise because they rarely issue new skins for the franchise in the game.

As a melancholy farewell to Snyder’s DCEU, The Flash is currently playing in theatres around the world, and audiences are responding enthusiastically to the film.

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