Fortnite players blast Epic’s approach to “exclusivity” of old skins

Josh Taylor
Fortnite rare skins

Fortnite players have had enough of Epic Games not re-releasing certain old and rare skins, as players worry they may never return.

Fortnite’s skins and cosmetics have long been a hot topic in the community. Every season brings a wealth of brand-new additions, while some previous skins even make a return.

However, despite a few additions being praised, over the past few seasons, players have become increasingly frustrated with “trash” skins and cosmetics. Some have even gone as far as to claim that Chapter 5’s huge LEGO collab has “killed” the Item Shop.

Now, some players have hit out at the way Epic Games handles old skins that they missed out on at the time and that have never returned.

Fortnite players slam Epic for “never” re-releasing old rare skins

Fortnite player imalonexc expressed their frustrations with the state of skins in the game: “The exclusivity of cosmetics is going to be crazy in like 5+ years.

“Sorry, you can’t have that skin, it was in a crew pack 10 years ago. But here’s Morty (not Rick though) and also Galaxy Scout for the low price of only $20 worth of V-Bucks for the greatest and most detailed skin ever.”

One player stated: “I’m so bummed Eren Jaeger came out during a time I wasn’t playing.” As the general issue revolved around certain desired skins not being re-released into the Item Shop, yet only appearing for a short period of time and then seemingly gone forever.

“The problem with Fortnite, like most live service games, it’s a snooze you lose economy. The reward for playing constantly and never missing anything is those rare one-time items… It’s the FOMO that drives everything. It’ll never change. If it ever does, the OGs will riot.”

Others called for Epic Games to implement features into the game that allow players to trade/transfer skins with each other. “The fact that Epic hasn’t implemented a market to buy and sell skins within the game and take a cut of the transaction price is mind-boggling. Imagine the Chapter 1 accounts out there that nobody is using,” one player added.

Whether you are an OG or experienced player who dreads the thought of players getting their hands on your rare and classic skins, or you too would like to get skins and cosmetics you have missed out on, there is an argument for both cases.

However, Epic Games has not provided any information to suggest that there will be any major feature changes added as part of the Item Shop or Battle Pass. These have only had minor changes since their introduction.

As well as this, when Epic did finally re-release the classic Skull Trooper skin, they were famously hit with heavy backlash from veteran players.

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