Fortnite players crushed as Epic “gatekeeps” classic skins despite updating them

Josh Taylor
Fortnite skin and cosmetics.

Fortnite players have called out for Epic Games to bring back old Battle Passes after introducing brand-new LEGO Outfit styles for classic skins in LEGO Fortnite, with no way to get them.

Fortnite’s old iconic skins have become increasingly rare as time goes on due to Epic holding tons of their original cosmetics under lock and key. If you were lucky to get them at the time or weren’t even playing Fortnite back then, such as new LEGO Fortnite players, the chance to ever get them has remained slim.

One player rallied for Epic to introduce “Legacy Passes” to solve the issue, and the Fortnite community on Reddit instantly showed their support for the idea.

The post featured an image of the Darth Vader skin, which hasn’t been made available since it was released years ago in Chapter 3 Season 3, next to its new LEGO Outfit style, which is rewarded to players who own the original skin.

As ProdbyPyxlwhip put it, “Fomo doesn’t work when you literally can’t buy it anymore ever again ever,” with the image highlighting the point: “How do we explain to new players that to get Darth Vader in LEGO Fortnite, they should have bought a pass 3 years ago?”

Many players flooded in to agree, “Epic relies on time-based exclusive items, I doubt they’ll ever release any sort of Legacy Pass till the game is on its last leg,” one of the top comments read.

“I have Darth Vader and all Battle Passes since Chapter 2 Season 7, but I agree fomo is garbage. It’s absolute garbage. People who love gatekeeping skins are just pathetic,” a player replied.

Another added: “I don’t even need them to be Passes. Just sell the items in the shop at normal shop prices.”

Despite this, a player claimed: “I could probably see them releasing a White Darth Vader since a white LEGO Vader is releasing soon in a set.” Feedback was mixed on the White alternate version potentially arriving, while several called again for Halo Infinite’s Legacy Battle Pass feature to be introduced.

“Think of how many people would buy the older Battle Passes if they were available like Halo’s model, ‘Oh I’m done with this season instead of being done with the game I can select one I missed and work on that’,” one more said.

This feature has often crept up among calls in the community for various reasons. Many players have claimed that they were “too sick to play” during the Battle Pass period or various other reasons out of their control, and that Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass feature would be the “perfect” solution.

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