Fortnite players shocked by power of Overclocked Pulse Rifle

fortnite overclocked pulse rifleEpic Games

Fortnite players have found that Chapter 4 Season 2’s Overclocked Pulse Rifle may be a bit overpowered.

Epic Games added the mythic rifle to Fortnite’s inventory at the start of this season. The new weapon is incredibly powerful, too, dealing 38 base damage and up to 57 headshot damage.

Its damage output combined with an impressive fire rate makes the Overclocked Pulse Rifle the ideal gun for pretty much any combat situation.

However, footage of the weapon in action indicates it’s overpowered, so much so that players can mow down enemies in record time.

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Fortnite’s Overlocked Pulse Rifle looks OP in gameplay clip

“Yeah, so the overclocked pulse rifle is a bit strong,” Reddit user ChancetheUnrapper wrote as a caption for a gameplay video.

The clip in question showed the Fortnite player wielding the new mythic weapon, then obliterating an enemy with it in a split second. Literally.

At the two-second mark in the clip below, ChancetheUnrapper spots their prey. By the three-second mark, Fortnite’s loading up its “Victory Royale” animation. Needless to say, it’s quite a sight to behold.

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According to Reddit users in the thread, the unbelievably fast kill is possible thanks to the rifle’s increased rate of hip fire.

Others were too awestruck to care about why Fortnite’s Overlocked Pulse Rifle is so overpowered. Wrote one person, “bro literally melted him.” Someone who’s been on the receiving end of the new Season 2 gun joked, “a guy melted me with the pulse gun faster than butter melts in the Sahara.”

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Notably, users can find the high-powered mythic on Loot Island after capturing the POI in the capture zone. But given the rifle’s raw power, reason suggests it’ll likely receive a buff sooner rather than later.