How to complete Fortnite Nindo Challenges & earn free Naruto Kurama Glider

Daniel Megarry
Free Naruto emoticons and Kurama Glider in Fortnite

A new set of Fortnite quests known as The Nindo Challenges have arrived as part of the game’s major Naruto collaboration, and players can earn free rewards for completing them.

Fortnite’s first-ever anime crossover has arrived, bringing skins and cosmetics based on the iconic ninja Naruto and his teammates, a new Kunai weapon, and a Kakashi NPC giving out themed quests on the map.

While those skins might cost quite a lot, Epic Games have now introduced a way to earn some Naruto cosmetics entirely for free, including the Kurama Glider which would normally set you back 1,200 V-Bucks.

Below, you’ll find all the information you need to unlock some exclusive Naruto emoticons as well as details on how to complete the Daily Milestone and get the Kurama Glider for free.

Naruto and friends appearing in Fortnite for the Nindo Challenges
Naruto and the rest of Team 7 have arrived in Fortnite Season 8.

How to complete Naruto’s Nindo Challenges in Fortnite

In order to take part in the Nindo Challenges, you’ll first need to visit the official Fortnite website and sign in with one of your accounts. This allows Epic to track your points in the game and deliver your rewards.

The Nindo Challenges will take place over five days, beginning on Wednesday, November 17, at 12am ET and ending on Sunday, November 21, at 11:59pm ET, with a new reward available each day.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to earn the following free Naruto rewards:

Reward How to unlock
A Naruto emoticon in Fortnite Happy Naruto Emoticon Earn at least one point on Day 1.
A Sakura emoticon in Fortnite Sad Sakura Emoticon Earn at least one point on Day 2.
A Sasuke emoticon in Fortnite Angry Sasuke Emoticon Earn at least one point on Day 3.
A Kakashi emoticon in Fortnite Shocked Kakashi Emoticon Earn at least one point on Day 4.
The Kurama Glider in Forntite Kurama Glider Complete a Daily Milestone (Earn at least 35 points in one day).
A Naruto loading screen in Fortnite Shinobi Teamwork Loading Screen
Complete a Daily Milestone (Earn at least 35 points in one day).

If you miss out on any of the Naruto rewards, you can unlock them all by earning at least two points on Day 5 of the Nindo Challenges. We’ll explain how to get the Kurama Glider and Loading Screen below.

How to earn a free Naruto Kurama Glider in Fortnite

As well as the Naruto skins, a Kurama Glider based on the powerful nine-tailed beast from the anime is available in the Item Shop – but you can also earn it for free by completing a special Nindo Challenge.

In order to unlock the Kurama Glider, you’ll need to achieve the Daily Milestone, which, according to the Fortnite website, means you need to earn 35 points (that’s a huge 35 eliminations) in one day.

This might take a while, but fortunately, you can track your progress here. You’ll also get a Shinobi Teamwork Loading Screen as a reward for completing this Daily Milestone.

Once you’ve finished these Naruto Nindo Challenges, why not check out our guide to all Punchcards to earn some last-minute XP before Season 8 comes to an end?

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