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Fortnite Moisty Palms location coming soon? Clues stacking up in Season 10

Published: 14/Aug/2019 16:02 Updated: 14/Aug/2019 21:02

by David Purcell


Fortnite Battle Royale players are starting to see some very interesting changes at Paradise Palms during Season 10 and they all appear to be teasing the addition of a Moisty Mire-style area on the map. 

The potential return of previously removed Fortnite destinations have been rumored ever since the new season’s trailer was released on July 31, and then Epic Games delivered by replacing Dusty Divot with Dusty Depot. 

However, a number of popular locations that no longer feature in the battle royale game have since appeared in the game’s files – according to dataminers – including the discovery of ‘Moisty Palms’. 


Epic GamesFortnite players are noticing some changes at Paradise Palms.

Once Moisty Palms was found, players have started to scour the map looking for clues and it should come as no surprise that they have stumbled across some already since the v10.00 patch hit on August 1. 

While it’s unclear as to what developer have in store for us at Paradise Palms, there certainly seemed to be a tease of a revamp on day one of the game’s landmark tenth season – with the welcoming sign now featuring some swap-like trees. 

FortniteParadise Palms’ welcoming sign has been changed in Fortnite Season 10.

There’s much more where that came from as well. Before the v10.10 patch fans noticed that some of the structure had started to take on the shape of trees again and it looks as if they could be set to replace them. 


Following the update, though, it looks like things are starting to progressively get greener at Paradise Palms, with more grass appearing around its perimeter.

Fortnite screengrabsIs Moisty Palms slowly making its way into the game? It certainly looks like.

With the way that the weekly updates have been adding small hints each time, the chances of Moisty Mire – or a combined location called Moisty Palms – replacing the structures that have been in place since Season 5 looks increasingly likely, but not yet confirmed.