Doja Cat deletes Fortnite post slamming DahjaCat’s skin likeness after community fires back

Josh Taylor
Doja Cat and the DhajaCat skin bundle in Fortnite.

Doja Cat hit out at the new DahjaCat skin and cosmetics in Fortnite’s Item Shop due to their perceived likeness. However, the popstar soon deleted the post after waves of players from the community flooded in to put her on blast.

Epic Games released concept artist DahjaCat’s own skins and cosmetics into Fortnite on May 17, 2024. It includes the Joy skin, various rainbow-themed cosmetics, and the Roller Vibes Emote, which plays Doja Cat’s song “Kiss Me More” as a further homage to Doja Cat, who inspired the creator’s name.

On May 17, Doja Cat posted to Twitter/X to express her distaste with the influenced skin and bundle set:

“The Locker Bundle is cringe btw. Don’t care for the adult-baby aesthetic and rollerskates. Has 0 to do with me at all. F**kin sucks.”

She instantly faced backlash from the community across socials, who railed in support of DahjaCat. “Let’s start with a f**k you. Bundle is absolute fire, nobody gives a f**k what you think. Best money I’ve ever spent.” one replied.

Another added: “Dude I feel so bad for Dahja, I would be devastated to hear my idol trashing on something I put so much love into,” as a player responded: “This is why you don’t idolize celebrities.”

Dahja has since responded: “I got my closure, so should the Gwinny gang, please stop sending the hate back and forth with her fans.” They added: “Please don’t hate on Doja in my replies regarding the situation, I’m okay and so should you all, have a good night friends.”

This comes just days after Doja Cat complained to Epic Games on her Twitter/X account in a series of posts regarding her issues with Fortnite. 

She initially won over the community after she was praised for slating the Avatar’s Waterbending mythic and calling the Chains of Hades weapon “horrible and garbage,” which was then removed by Epic.