Fortnite players praise Doja Cat for “keeping it real” & slamming Avatar’s Waterbending mythic

Rishabh Sabarwal
Doja Cat and Avatar Waterbending mythic in Fortnite

Fortnite players are applauding Doja Cat for her brutal and “real” remarks as she slammed the current Avatar mythic Waterbending in the current season.

The Avatar Waterbending mythic has gotten Fortnite players riled up this season, with Doja Cat being one of them. In a series of posts on X, the Grammy-winning artist criticized the Chapter 5 Season 2 item after a gameplay experience with it.

“Fortnite wouldn’t be so f***ing embarrassing if they made lobbies where people with actual aim skills and FPS experience didn’t deal with losers using f***ing Waterbending and Chains of Hades”, said Doja in a post on X.

Waterbending long range in Fortnite
Waterbending has a long range as far as 280 meters and works brilliantly.

Now when it comes to Waterbending exclusively, she elaborated, “Waterbending is a f***ing crutch (if) you are not good at the game. Because of Waterbending, I would become severely depressed if I had to rely on any of these stupid non-f***ing weapons.”

However, players who shared a similar sentiment called Doja “a real one” for expressing her honest opinion about the overpowered mythic item.

One such player said, “It’s gotten to the point where if my squad gets clapped by Waterbending it’s not even frustrating or annoying any more, it’s just ‘yeah, that makes sense’.”

Another chimed in, “Agreeing with Doja Cat regarding a Fortnite weapon was not on my 2024 bingo card.”

Waterbending has been a problem for several Fortnite players this season simply due to its damage count and range that can eliminate an enemy in seconds. The weapon’s ability to instantly reload and have infinite ammo is also a worry for some using Assault Rifles or Snipers to damage a distant opponent.

Prior to this, Doja took a dig at Chains of Hades and later deleted the tweet, which resulted in the item being removed from competitive mode altogether.