Fortnite players find in-game clues for another Greek mythology season

Daniel Appleford
Fortnite C5S2

Fortnite players have begun to suspect that the game may get another mythology-themed season after half the gods were left out.

Chapter 5, Season 2, featuring several Greek gods and goddesses, will end on May 24, and with it will come a new season and theme.

Fortnite has never carried over the same theme between seasons to keep the game fresh, which means that there’s no current plans to bring the remaining gods to the game.

Yet players are determined that hope remains for those left behind from Season 2. Epic Games revealed potential plans to add additional gods thanks to survey skins, which is where the idea for a second season comes in.

A Reddit thread surfaced details about the six remaining Olympians who were sidelined throughout the season.

“Athena, Hermes and Hephaestus all had survey concept art that was presumably meant for them (as did Persephone and Minotaur). So hopefully they come eventually.” said one Reddit user.

But, the survey skin concepts are not the only detail that makes players question a second season. Several players noted that NPCs mentioned other gods and goddesses in dialogue throughout the season.

“Hephaestus was mentioned in story dialogue, so maybe?” suggested another user.

The season featured not only the battle pass skins, but also other gods who appeared as NPCs or skins available for purchase in the shop. Like when Nike collaborated directly to create the goddess skin, or when they included Perseus as a skin with unlockable challenges.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 will be titled “Wrecked” and will take on the form of an intense wasteland in collaboration with Fallout, a theme quite a bit different from that of gods and goddesses.