Next Fortnite season with Fallout crossover sends players into a frenzy

Daniel Appleford
Fortnite Fallout

According to the most recent announcement from the official Fortnite social media posts, Chapter 5 Season 3 will feature the Fallout universe.

The world of Fallout has been at the forefront of gaming lately, with the release of the Fallout show from Amazon Prime Video and the Fallout 4 next-gen update that came out in May 2024.

Now the same frenzy of Fallout lands in Fortnite as the official X post features the cover image for Chapter 5 Season 3 which is themed after Fallout.

According to the in-game news feed, “Courtesy of the Brotherhood of Steel. Chapter 5 Season 3: Wrecked comes to Battle Royale on May 24.”

The key art for the upcoming Fortnite season features a new Fallout-themed Desert biome and a new industrial POI, with Palm Trees scattered around the map.

Also featured in the image behind the new POI is an outline of a Knight from Fallout. These large suits of armor are known as Knights and can withstand radiation and other terrors on the surface.

Both Fallout fans and Fortnite players were hyped to see the official key art for Season 3. One such fan said, “Fallout baby, let’s go!” Even the Walmart account chimed with the lyrics of “I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire” by The Ink Spots, as featured in the Amazon Prime series.

To further the idea that Fallout will be the next season’s theme, the official Fortnite account added a smiley face with a thumbs-up emoji to the announcement, something Fallout fans are all too familiar with thanks to Vault Tech’s Vault Boy mascot.

As Fortnite wraps up its Greek mythology-themed season, multiple mini-events have taken place over the last week to build up to the new season.

This includes one event in which the statue at Mount Olympus shot a lightning bolt into the air, causing a sandstorm to appear and begin approaching the map. That sandstorm has been sending out Morse Code messages for the past few days, saying things like “No Hope.”