Fortnite leak hints at weapon attachments coming in a future update

Julian Young
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Epic Games

A reliable Fortnite leaker has revealed Epic Games is testing out “Weapon Mod Slots”, hinting that a weapon attachment or ability system could be coming in the future.

Every battle royale title has a unique spin on weapon mechanics. Some games take a more tactical approach with individual attachments, while others create pre-determined weapon setups that are sorted by rarity.

Fortnite uses the weapon rarity approach when generating the stats and power of each gun. Weapons in Fortnite are sorted into several rarity levels, with lower-tier guns having worse stats than higher-tier Mythics and Exotics.

Players can’t customize their weapons with different attachments and unique abilities, but it appears this could be changing. A new leak suggests Epic is working on a weapon attachment system for Fortnite’s BR mode.

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Epic Games
Epic Games appears to be working on a weapon attachment system that could shake up the game’s current meta.

Well-known Fortnite leaker and content creator ‘HYPEX‘ revealed this information via Twitter on December 27. In the tweet, HYPEX notes that Epic is testing a new mechanic called “Weapon Mod Slots.”

The leaker also confirmed the new system seems to give players the ability to equip specific abilities and attachments on their weapons. While the various weapon rarities currently determine each gun’s stats, it seems that Epic is planning to shake up this system.

From the information in HYPEX’s tweet, it does not appear the new attachment system would replace the current weapon rarities. This new mechanic would instead provide players with additional options for customizing their weapons and loadouts to fit a specific playstyle.

While Fortnite’s BR mode has used the weapon rarity system from the start, a different version of the leaked Weapon Mod Slots mechanic already exists in Fortnite’s Save the World experience.

In Save the World, players can discover and craft various weapons within the same rarities as the BR mode. However, these items can also come with special abilities that are not currently found in Fortnite BR’s weapons, except for some extremely rare high-tier exceptions.

It appears Epic might be taking a page out of their Save the World playbook and combining it with Fortnite’s current BR weapon system. Players should keep their eyes peeled for any additional leaks or information on this new mechanic coming in a future update.