Final Fantasy XVI dev sheds light on new Leviathan DLC: The Rising Tide

Eliana Bollati
Promotional art for the Final Fantasy XVI Leviathan DLC: The Rising Tide

The director of Final Fantasy XVI’s upcoming Leviathan DLC offered players some hints about what to expect from the story of The Rising Tide.

Final Fantasy XVI left its main story at a bit of a low point for the world of Valisthea. But, those who were worried about what would happen next can take heart. According to the devs, there’s a “bright future” in store for Valisthea.

In a recent interview with Famitsu, members from FFXVI’s development team sat down to talk about what players can expect from the recently announced Leviathan DLC, The Rising Tide.

According to Takeo Kujiraoka, director of The Rising Tide, development began “with the idea of wanting to adventure in a brighter world.”

Final Fantasy XVI Leviathan DLC gameplay
The DLC’s director, Takeo Kujiraoka, wanted players to start their new adventure “under a blue sky”.

Valisthea’s new hope

Kujiraoka said his aim was to “expand the player experience” by incorporating everything that makes up the world of Valisthea. Including it’s locations, side quests and dramatic combat. “Above all, I wanted to create and show the part where a new story begins, in a new field, under a blue sky.”

Although he also warns players the new DLC won’t pick up directly after the ending of FFXVI’s main story. “But the story is designed to give you a sense of hope,” he says. “Even if the crystal disappears from Valisthea, its people will surely be able to recover.”

The Rising Tide also includes a fun Easter egg for long-time fans of the Final Fantasy franchise.

The newly added area, Mysidia, is a “tribute” to the mage settlements in Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy XVI Leviathan DLC game play
In The Rising Tide’s story, players will get to face off against the powerful Eikon, Leviathan.

The new DLC’s estimated to run at about 10 hours of new content for players to enjoy.

The Rising Tide releases on April 18 for PlayStation 5.