Final Fantasy 16 could land on Xbox soon according to rumors

Eliana Bollati
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The end of exclusivity could be here for Final Fantasy 16. As host of the XboxEra podcast, Shpeshal Nick reveals a source has told him a port of the game is on its way to Xbox.

PlayStation and Final Fantasy are practically synonymous at this point as so many of the franchise titles have been exclusive to Sony’s console for years. While ports to PC often arrive eventually, Xbox players tend to miss out.

Final Fantasy 13 is the notable exception. It was released on the Xbox 360 alongside the worldwide PlayStation release back in 2010. And Square Enix’s MMO, Final Fantasy 14, is set for an Xbox release in March of this year.

But according to rumors from one of XboxEra’s hosts, Shpeshal Nick, Final Fantasy 16 could be landing on Xbox soon, too. Nick broke the news during the latest episode of Riskit4theBiskit.

“I got the DM and they were like, if you want something for the rumor mill, Final Fantasy 16’s getting an Xbox port…” Shpeshal Nick said. He also revealed this information came from the same source who correctly revealed to him Visions of Mana would appear in the Xbox Developer Direct.

Fellow XboxEra co-host, Jon Clarke is likely right that an Xbox port of the game would set “the internet on fire.” After all, FF 13’s release on Xbox generated so much internet rage it spawned an entire copypasta.

It would be very big news if true, especially considering that many fans expected to see the Final Fantasy 7 remake on Xbox by now and it hasn’t happened.

Cloud with Tifa and Barret
Fans have been waiting for a port of the Final Fantasy 7 remake to make its way to Xbox.

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, did hint last year that the game could be coming to Xbox. Still, there’s no official word yet from either Square Enix or Microsoft.