Does Final Fantasy XIV run on Steam Deck?

Lawrence Scotti
ffxiv steam deck

Do you want to play FFXIV on your Steam Deck? Here’s everything you need to know about how to start your Eorzea adventure on the Valve handheld.

The Steam Deck is arguably one of the most high-powered PC gaming handhelds available. The Deck allows you to natively play your vast Steam library of games on the go, while also acting as a portable desktop PC. Given how portable it is, there may come a time when you want to run dungeons or FFXIV raids while on the move.

Ever since the handheld was released, gamers have wanted to know if they can play Final Fantasy XIV on the go with the Steam Deck. Before its release onto Steam, getting FFXIV up and running on the Deck was a frustrating process. Now, making your way through the several expansions in time for Dawntrail is a breeze.

Here’s what you need to know about whether or not you can play the massive MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, on Valve‘s Steam Deck.

Key art from the FFXIV 'Dawntrail' expansion.

Does FFXIV have Steam Deck support?

FFXIV is playable on the Steam Deck and the MMORPG has received a ‘playable’ acclamation from Valve.

The Final Fantasy MMO narrowingly misses being fully verified on the handheld. According to Valve’s testing, this is due to the game occasionally requiring the use of the on-screen keyboard for entering text.

While FFXIV benefits from the games default graphics performing well on the handheld, as well as the in-game text being fully legible, any connected Bluetooth/USB controllers also require manual switching in the quick access menu settings, which may have prevented the game from receiving Valve’s highest commendation.

When FFXIV originally launched on Steam, there were issues with the launcher working on the Steam Deck through Proton Experimental. As it stands, those problems have now been fixed making the massively popular MMO available on the Valve handheld for anyone who wants to catch up with their dailies, and raid with friends on the go.

How to Install FFXIV on Steam Deck

  1. Turn on Steam Deck and press ‘Steam’ button
  2. Select ‘Store’
  3. Type ‘FFXIV’ in the searchbar
  4. Pick preferred version and select ‘Add to Cart’
  5. Confirm payment details & purchase
  6. Select ‘Install content’

The simplest way to get the FFXIV on the Steam Deck is by purchasing the game via your Steam account. You can purchase FFXIV for your Steam Deck through Steam on your gaming PC, or through your handheld directly. Either way, it’s a straightforward process to get the critically acclaimed MMO running on your Deck.

If your Wi-Fi speed isn’t stable enough for the hefty 80GB download, we recommend connecting the Deck directly to the router via an Ethernet cable. Since Steam Deck has a limited number of ports, you can always get yourself an external dock

That’s all, once the installer finishes its job, you can enjoy the game on your favorite PC gaming handheld.

If you’re a FFXIV veteran and previously started your MMO adventure on PC, you won’t be able to use the same service account on Steam. Both versions of the game on Windows and Steam are identical, but any previously purchased expansions on Windows won’t be playable on the Steam version of the game.

If you have a previously played FFXIV account and don’t want to rebuy the game on Steam, you can install the XIVLauncher on the Steam Deck to continue your MMO adventure on the go.

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