Can you play FFXIV on Steam Deck?

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Do you want to play FFXIV on your Steam Deck? Don’t worry; we tell everything you need to know about playing the popular MMO title on one of the best handheld gaming consoles.

Steam Deck is one of the most affordable portable gaming consoles available. The Deck allows you to natively play games on the go, essentially acting as a mini gaming PC. Given how portable it is, you might want to run dungeons or raids while on the move.

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Ever since the console was released, gamers have wanted to know if they play Final Fantasy 14 on the go with the Steam Deck.

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Shadowlands is FFXIV’s latest expansion.

Does FFXIV have Steam Deck support?

As of May 19, the Final Fantasy XIV launcher has been fixed and FFXIV is now playable on Steam Deck devices.

Previously there were issues with the launcher working on Steam Deck through Proton Experimental, but those problems have now been fixed making the massively popular MMO available on the mobile console.

Gabe Newell, the long-serving president of Valve, is admittedly an FFXIV player and will certainly be happy to be able to play on the company’s own device.

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The update to Proton Experimental can be seen here, and comes with a whole host of fixes for tons of games. Now, both FFXIV players and Gabe Newell can level up on the go.

How to Install FFXIV on Steam Deck

The simplest way to get the FFXIV on the Steam Deck is by purchasing the game via your Steam account. 

Once done, you’ll notice the game installing quickly as Steam installs its client, not the game itself. After it is complete, you must log in and let the installer do its job.

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If your Wi-Fi speed isn’t stable, connecting the Deck directly to the router via an Ethernet cable is a good idea. Since Steam Deck has a limited number of ports, you can always get yourself an external dock

That’s all, once the installer finishes its job, you can enjoy the game on your favorite portable PC.

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