Major FIFA 22 FUT Champions change makes it easier than ever to qualify

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team’s most competitive mode, FUT Champions, will be undergoing some crucial changes to qualification and the mode’s reward system. Here’s everything you need to know.

FUT Champions is the ultimate test for FIFA 22 FUT players. Over the course of 20 games, fans of the mode will enter with their best possible team, comprised of the game’s elite cards, and bid to win as many as possible. More wins means tastier packs and bigger bundles of coins.

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But to actually enter it, players need to successfully overcome the intense qualification process. This required a competitor to be victorious in 5 out of their 9 qualification matches. Given how bizarre the FIFA 22 transfer market has been already, players have had incredibly strong teams from the game’s launch.

This has made qualifying a tough task as tricky, with fans taking on sweaty teams in every match. However, more casual players may now stand a better chance of entering FUT Champions due to one of EA’s decisions.

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Grinding games is worth it for the rewards at the end.

FIFA 22 FUT changes: Qualification

The official news comes from the FIFA Direct Communication page, and starting with FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Season 3, FUT Champions hopefuls will now have an extra game to aid with their qualification process — offering 10 in total now. Not only that, but instead of needing 24 points to qualify (5 wins, 4 defeats), players now only need 20 points.

This subtle change could mean the world of difference for tons of players as it lowers the minimum win requirement to just 4 now, leaving more room to fail. It’s true that EA has tinkered with the FUT Champions reward system and tucked away the better rewards behind more wins, but more players will be able to qualify and add to the pool of competitors.

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As well as this, the old total of 2000 Champions Qualification Points needed to enter FUT Champions qualification has also been revised too. From Season 3, the required amount of points, earned through Div Rivals and FUT Champions, will now be 1250.

“As some players may have noticed, we’re making some changes to the FUT Champions experience. Starting December 23, 8:00AM UTC, when FUT Season 3 begins, players will require 1250 Champions Qualification Points from Division Rivals to qualify for FUT Champions Play-Offs,” they said.

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These all represent an exciting new chapter for FUT Champions in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Along with all the recent promotions including Winter Wildcards and the long-awaited release of Prime ICONS, FUT players will have a lot to keep them occupied.

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