FIFA 22 players divided over FUT Champions Finals ranks & rewards changes

Nathan Warby
FUT Champs rewards FIFA 22

EA SPORTS brought in some huge changes to the way FUT Champions ranks and rewards work in FIFA 22. But, just a few months after launch, the developers have overhauled the system once again, dividing the player base.

As Ultimate Team continues to become more and more competitive, FUT Champions has turned into the most prestigious mode in the game. FIFA 22 is no exception, with FUT Champs being home to the top rewards for players to earn.

After years of complaints about the mode’s unforgiving nature, FIFA 22 launched with a whole new ranks and rewards system. The idea being that more casual players can still earn decent packs without being asked to win a huge amount of games.

But despite the relatively positive reception to this year’s FUT Champions, EA SPORTS have drastically changed its rewards structure just months after launch. The changes have divided the community, with many unsure if this is a positive step.

FUT Champs Rank 8
FIFA 22 players have been reacting to the huge new changes.

In FIFA 22, EA did away with the win/loss system from FIFA 21 in favor of a points system. Players earn four points per win and one point per loss, as they attempt to climb into higher and higher ranks.

At launch, there were six ranks in total, with as few as two wins still unlocking respectable packs and Player Picks. Now, there are 10 ranks overall, and the rewards for each have been tweaked.

It seems that the lower ranks have been nerfed slightly, and the increase in value has become even more incremental. Check out our FUT Champions hub to see a full breakdown of the new rewards.

The most likely reason for the update is to combat the ‘free win’ tactic used by many players. Throughout FIFA 22, those who have reached a rank they are happy with have been loading into games and quitting, giving away a win to their opponent and still securing one point for themselves.

By placing each rank closer together, EA are clearly hoping that players will be inspired to keep winning rather than losing on purpose.

However, the changes have proved divisive among the community. FIFA streamer Bateson87 said the new system “only benefits pro players. Everyone else loses out.”

Average fans are also concerned that this will hinder their progress in Ultimate Team, as they have to grind for higher ranks to earn valuable rewards. “So I used to get 3 player picks for 12 wins and now I need 18? Weekend league was actually pretty chill this time around…now they’ve turned it into an absolute sweat-fest again,” said one disgruntled player.

Others even accused EA of catering more to the high-skilled users, despite promises of making FIFA 22 a more inclusive experience. “This is just EA being EA, they give high-skilled players more and people that are not as good get less, it’s typical really.”

The mood wasn’t all negative, though. Some felt that this new system makes for a more balanced experience, giving players more to work towards while still rewarding them for their efforts.FIFA expert NepentheZ also explained that the new structure will make FUT Champions less “casual,” as EA clearly intends for it to be the elite Ultimate Team mode.

We’ll have to wait until the first FUT Champions Finals weekend to see the changes in action. For the time being, at least, fans appear to be split on whether or not this is a win for the community, and if it will put an end to players quitting matches.