FIFA 22 Prime ICON leaks are crashing the FUT market

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FIFA 22 Prime ICON card leaks have had a devastating impact on the FUT market, according to new statistics. 

For each ICON, there are three versions and as regular players will know already, Prime ICONs are the top-rated version for all legend footballers in the game.

On December 7, it was leaked that the legendary striker Alfredo Di Stefano has been added to the game code, which suggested he could soon be added to the roster.

Since that story, there has been some major developments about the incoming arrival of Prime ICONs, with data miners such as LEVELLED UP on Twitter finding traces of them.

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Prime ICONs are the most powerful that will be made available in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Prime ICON leaks

On December 9, the user posted an image that referenced ‘MID OR PRIME ICON PLAYER’ which suggests they are about to be released, possibly within days.

They tweeted: “ICON Swaps inbound,” in reference to an ICON Swaps event that takes place routinely in Ultimate Team.

ICON Swaps runs a number of times throughout the year, in intervals, allowing players to earn tokens through gameplay objectives to claim ICONs and packs as a reward. Therefore, it gives you a choice – buy one off the market with coins, or complete these challenges to access them.

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FIFA 22 ICON market crash

In anticipation of that event, it appears that FUT Club Owners are operating on the market in a very different way.

Just a day later, Twitter user Piquelme revealed the damage that had been done, as a result of the leaks – even though the event hasn’t started up yet.

They posted: “That ICON Swap code leak sure has really affected the ICON market leading into today.

“Icon market is officially the lowest ever on both consoles,” along with market analysis images showing severe downward trends.

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Many ICONs have seen thousands of coins shaved off of their market value, as one user replied: “Thank god I sold mid-Ferdinand at 427k yesterday. He’s down to 380.”

Another said: “They said they wanted to make icons more accessible 2 years ago. Looks like it’s finally working out.”

It is difficult to say whether or not you should keep hold of your current legends, or let them go now as the market is crashing. That’s your decision to make as these are only leaks and there has been no official timeline on the release of Prime ICONs.

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But one thing is for certain… it doesn’t look great.

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