FIFA 22 early access & FUT Web App guide: Trading tips & how to make 10 hours count

David Purcell
fifa 22 web app early access

EA SPORTS is giving players a chance to try out FIFA 22 with EA Play early access, the FUT Web App, and Companion App. Getting the most out of your limited-time trial is important for setting you up on Ultimate Team, and that’s where our guide will help. 

FUT players on all platforms, from PS5 to Xbox Series X|S, will be eyeing up the first Team of the Week and FUT Champions Weekend League. However, the first stop on the journey to release day is EA Play – where you will be given 10 hours of early access to play the game.

One thing to remember is that the FIFA 22 Web App and Companion App will also be live by that point, so utilizing each of them will be key to get the most out of the limited-time trial.

First of all, let’s run through the release dates.

FIFA 22 release schedule: EA Play, Web App, Companion App

  • FIFA 22 early access start date: September 22
  • FIFA 22 Web App release date: September 22
  • FIFA 22 Companion app release date: September 22

Each of these three can really complement one another to get the best possible use out of your allotted 10 hours. From there, trading on the FUT market, knowing what to do and what not to, will take you far.

FIFA 22 early access tips for EA Play


Manage your time

The golden rule for Ultimate Team early access is… Manage your time. Playing as many games as possible is the key for racking up coins in match bonuses, but it will also set you up nicely from a gameplay standpoint ahead of launch.

Closing off the game when you have finished games and not lingering in menus accidentally is key if you want to maximize your time. EA Play comes out on September 22, some 8 days before the full release, so it’s not a lot of time – really – to get a hang of things.

As well as collecting as many coins as possible, use your 10 hours to try and get a strong understanding of the gameplay changes and new mechanics in FIFA 22. This will put you one step ahead of the competition at launch and give you an advantage over those going into the new title blind.

Complete FIFA 22 SBCs on Web App

It’s really tempting to work away at Squad Building Challenges in the game menu on your console, or PC, but it’s not really a good use of time.

The good news, though, is that the FUT Web App has a section dedicated to completing SBCs. That means you can complete them on handheld or desktop, without cutting into those precious hours of gameplay.

Don’t forget about FIFA 22 Objectives

fifa 22 ultimate team web app
Use the FIFA 22 Web App to your advance during the EA Play trial.

Starter Objectives in FIFA are always a good source of free coins, packs, and coin boosts.

Remember to complete these mini-challenges from the very start, to boost your rewards per match. Gameplay-related challenges should be completed with EA Play, and for the trading or item management tasks (For example, sign your first player) take to the Web App.

Build your teams on Web App

The same goes for building teams. The transfer market will be open for business by the time early access comes around, which can make it tempting to start fleshing out a team.

Much like SBCs, this can be done on the Web App and Companion App. It doesn’t look as good, and it’s certainly a bit slower from time to time, but it’s one way of saving you minutes. They add up.

Don’t open packs in early access

fifa 22 ea play trial
You’re better off opening packs outside of the EA Play trial.

Opening packs in Ultimate Team is one of the most exciting things to do, whether it’s rewards from FUT Draft, completing Objectives, or buying them with FIFA Points.

These animations waste unnecessary time, especially if you’re buying large amounts. While the animation might not be as exciting on the Web App or Companion App, it’s advised to use those platforms for pack openings.

FIFA 22 early access trading tips

FIFA 22 early access will be your best possible opportunity to get high-rated players for low value, so make sure you’re on the hunt for them. As Squad Building Challenges release routinely post-launch, more players will need these cards, and the overall amount of coins in the market to buy them will have increased. Having a crop of 80-83 rated players going into the main game is a certain way to boost your club value.

Selling Chemistry Style cards instead of placing them on players you will likely sell will also make you some extra cash.

Quick selling items is not advised, even if you’re looking to make some quick coins. Each gold player is valuable in early access, no matter the league, so always hold out for a higher value than the discard offering. Over the course of EA Play, the coins will certainly add up doing this.

The last thing to say is to consider taking a gamble with your liquid money at the end of the first day of EA Play. Invest in a player that could go up in value, based on pace, the demand for cards in that league, and during the course of the time trial they could go up substantially.

If you’re attempting to be efficient in early access, focus on winning as many games as possible, completing objectives, and making high-value trades.

Remember, time isn’t on your side, so it’s key you make the most of every minute if you want to ensure the best start possible.