YouTuber fools the internet with fake Dream McDonald’s meal collab

YouTuber fake Dream McDonald's meal prankYouTube: Liam Bedford

YouTuber Liam Bedford managed to prank fans of uber-popular Minecraft personality ‘Dream’ by faking a collaborative McDonald’s meal with the faceless content creator.

Dream is one of the handful of influencers who skyrocketed to fame in 2020 amid the Among Us craze / Minecraft resurgence. Much like Corpse Husband, this YouTuber doesn’t show his face — and the mystery surrounding him has proven to be a major benefit to the star.

Dream boasts over 22 million followers on YouTube, managing to gain 14 million of them in the span of a single year after going viral in 2020. Now, the Minecrafter even makes his own music and merchandise… but has he scored a deal with McDonald’s, too?

As it turns out, he did not — but UK-based YouTuber Liam Bedford sure fooled the internet into thinking he did. In a June 7 upload, Bedford explained how he tricked Dream’s fanbase into believing the faceless influencer had, like BTS and Travis Scott before him, nabbed a custom meal at McDonald’s.

Dream McDonald's meal fake adYouTube: Liam Bedford
UK-based YouTuber Liam Bedford created some ingenious fake promotional images for Dream’s fabricated McDonald’s meal.

Bedford went to the trouble of creating a fake marketing campaign for Dream’s McDonald’s “meal,” buying supplies and food from the famous fast-food chain to produce a series of professional-looking photo advertisements.

Next, he “leaked” the images to the net via TikTok by creating a fake “Dream stan” profile, through which he disseminated the fake advertisement in a video that quickly took the Dream fanbase by storm.

It wasn’t long before Twitter lit up with speculation surrounding the meal, with fans all over the world getting excited about what looked to be a huge development for one of YouTube’s biggest stars.

Alas, it was all just a prank, although Bedford does hope that McDonald’s will collaborate with a YouTuber some time in the future.

Fake Dream McDonald's meal ad Liam BedfordYouTube: Liam Bedford
Bedford used Avocado in his fake advertisements for Dream’s McDonald’s meal, linking it back to the Minecraft star’s collab with MrBeast burger in April.

While Dream’s McDonald’s meal isn’t in the cards right now, he did score a burger at MrBeast Burger a few months back, featuring his signature green color in the form of Avocado — something that Bedford made sure to include in his fake promo pics.

This isn’t the first time Bedford has pulled off a prank using Dream, either; the YouTuber also turned the Dream SMP into a #1 best-selling book, explaining what the survival multiplayer server actually is to those out of the Minecraft loop.

While Dream has yet to respond to this elaborate practical joke, Bedford’s video certainly speaks to how quickly misinformation can be online… and there’s no telling if Dream’s fans will be amused by his antics or not.