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ReviewBrah gives ‘flavorful’ verdict on Travis Scott McDonald’s meal

Published: 10/Sep/2020 0:03

by Theo Salaun


McDonald’s have launched a new specialty meal, the Travis Scott, and the world’s most iconic fast food reviewer, ReviewBrah of YouTube’s ‘TheReportOfTheWeek,’ has officially given his verdict on the three-piece meal.

Scott is one of the music and entertainment industry’s most iconic figures over the past few years, with superstar collaborations on his songs and in his business ventures. Those ventures have typically existed in the fashion world, where his partnerships with Nike, Air Jordan and Dior have dominated the resell markets and emptied wallets. 


Now, he’s taken his talents to the grill as McDonald’s teamed with the man known as “La Flame” to put out a char-grilled $6 meal that comes equipped with a specialty quarter-pounder burger, an order of fries and a cup of Sprite. While many eager fans have tried it out in honor of their preferred musician, the true taste test comes from ReviewBrah, who has built a following of 2 million-plus subscribers on YouTube with his renowned palate. 


ReviewBrah went into his review with one clear question: “Is McDonald’s new Travis Scott meal a hit?” And it appears he has found his answer, having gotten his hands on the meal despite finding that people had been waiting in line at his local McDonald’s for days — including one patron for a whopping 16 days.


The meal itself is relatively straightforward. It comes with all of Scott’s favorite items, including a Medium fries (with tangy barbeque sauce), a Sprite (with ice, although you’re encouraged to “ask for extra ice”), and the main delight, a Quarter Pounder with bacon, American cheese, shredded lettuce, pickle slices, onions, ketchup, and mustard. 

As ReviewBrah explains, although he does not typically enjoy Sprite, he did appreciate what it brings to the meal as a sort of sour element that complements the rest of the meal’s flavor profile. Noting the mustard, pickles, Sprite, and barbeque sauce, he noted that “one really prevailing characteristic that I noticed in this meal is a little bit of a tanginess to everything.” 


Overall though, ReviewBrah is a fan. “It’s a good meal, I like it, very flavorful, it’s a good price, too.” Out of 10, he elected to give the popular collaboration an 8.6.