Viral TikTok sees Ninja impersonator sneak into celebrity basketball game

Instagram: ninja, nickwold

A viral TikTok sees Dreamers frontman-turned-TikTok sensation Nick Wold impersonating streaming behemoth Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins to sneak into a celebrity basketball game alongside the likes of Chris Brown, Jack Harlow, and many more.

Ninja became one of the biggest names on the internet throughout 2017 and 2018 when the rise of Fortnite correlated directly with his meteoric rise to stardom.

Known for his wacky personality, brilliant ability in-game, and ever-changing hair color, Ninja hit the mainstream and became the biggest gamer in the world. Now, his popularity may have waned slightly, but this worked out perfectly in Wold’s favor.

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With bright blue hair resembling Ninja’s, the Dreamers lead vocalist saw his opportunity and truly grabbed it by the horns.

Nick Wold Dreamers impersonates NinjaInstagram: dreamersjoinus
With the iconic blue hair, Wold didn’t have much trouble convincing people he was Ninja.

The TikTok, posted on Saturday, June 5, has received over 1 million views already. Considering the account has only 11k followers, this is becoming the definition of viral.

The video — which was posted to Dreamers’ main page — sees Nick get into the event without needing to supply identification, which was especially handy as he could conceal much of his face behind a face mask.

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He then walks around the court and shows off seeing some of his favorite rappers, including the likes of Chris Brown, Jack Harlow, Jason Derulo, and many more.

The basketball event was part of Diddy’s The Crew League, a celebrity basketball tournament that airs every week on the Revolt YouTube channel.

It seems as though Ninja himself has probably seen it, too. While the star hasn’t posted about it, his wife Jessica tweeted the video, calling Wold an ‘icon’ for the TikTok.

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While plenty of the comments point out that Wold himself doesn’t look too much like Ninja, it was a good enough disguise to get into the event, which is all he could really ask for.

Now, if Nick can bring his band similar success to Ninja’s streaming career, this prank would have benefited him endlessly.

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