xQc stuns fans after revealing insane sleeping pattern amid Twitch grind

xQc sleepTwitch/xQc

xQc’s recent Twitch grind has taken a toll on the content creator, with the streamer admitting that he has barely been sleeping, the exact amount shocking his chat.

xQc’s almost non-stop streaming schedule appears to be catching up with the content creator, with his recent revelation that he has barely been sleeping garnering major concern from his viewers. 

“I released I only slept a combined seven hours in four days,” admitted xQc in a recent stream. When his chat began commenting about why and how the streamer is still about to work and go about his day, he added “I think it was just exhaustion man, I was spent. So I think I found the actual limit that I can go.”

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The clip, which was posted on Reddit, has garnered major attention from users, with many commenting on the importance of sleeping and getting an appropriate amount of rest.

“I just had a bunch of sleep studies last year. learned that lack of sleep leads to big increases in heart attack, stroke, and dementia. Make sure you’re getting your 7-8 [hours] boys,” wrote one Reddit user.

Others were voicing their concern for xQc, one wrote how “I feel like I sound like XqC when I go longer than 24 hours without sleep so maybe it’s all just serious insomnia. Man’s gonna sleep for a day and a half and come out talking slow and concise like Obama.” Another added how xQc’s “eyes were bloodshot yesterday, dude needs sleep.”

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However, it appears that following this extreme lack of sleep xQc is going to try and work through this issue and ensure he gets more sleep and rest moving forward.

Though no doubt we’ll continue to see the self-described ‘juicer’ pushing to be one of the most-watched streamers on the platform for another month.