Twitch streamer caught up in shootout during prom afterparty stream

Carver Fisher
Twitch-streamer-caught-in shootout

Twitch streamer youngdabo was live at a prom afterparty in Texas when gunshots ran out in the crowd, followed by a man in the stream brandishing a pistol before the stream was cut short.

Dabo was with his partner at the time and having a conversation in the crowd when a series of loud bangs went off in the background. He’d later claim that these initial sounds were “fireworks”.

The crowd immediately scattered, with two men taking out pistols that could be seen amongst the chaos. After the man cocked his pistol, gunshots were heard incredibly close to Dabo, though it’s not clear if the shots were fired at someone or straight into the air.

A short time later, the stream cut off entirely. This left people wondering whether or not Dabo was ok and whether anyone was injured in the crossfire.

At this time, not much is known about how or why this shootout happened and whether or not anyone was injured. The shooters have also yet to be identified.

However, Dabo has since posted a picture of himself with Aya Atanjali, his partner for the evening, and has confirmed that the two of them are ok.


Beyond that, the details are still murky. While the clips of the actual incident still exist, Dabo has since deleted the VOD. He also hasn’t posted anything besides an Instagram story since, but he got on a call with one of his friends, streamer plaqueboymax, immediately after the incident.

This is the call where Dabo claimed it was “fireworks” and then asked plaqueboy to mute his stream. The two then talked for around 45 minutes, the stream muted, and it was not clear what they said to each other.

That said, plaqueboy also confirmed that Dabo is safe.

Dabo and Aya’s time at the prom was something his friends and fans were rallying behind, with the two of them doing streams together leading up to the big day.